Simple Green® All-Purpose Cleaner

★★★★★5  13 Reviews

This powerful cleaner and degreaser is EPA Safer Choice Certified, designed for effective and environmentally safer use on counters, carpet, floors, fabric, equipment, vehicles and more. Concentrated formula provides up to 30x the cleaning value.

  • All-purpose concentrated cleaner removes dirt, grease, and stains
  • Recognized by the U.S. EPA's Safer Choice Program
  • Cleans counters, carpet, floors, fabric, equipment and vehicles

Cleaning Tips

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Directions for Use

Directions: Spot test on a hidden area first. Use as-is, or dilute with ambient water using the dilution guide below.

  1. Apply solution.
  2. Leave on heavy soils for 1-2 minutes.
  3. Scrub if needed.
  4. Rinse or damp-wipe with clean water.
  5. Repeat if needed.

Note: Do not use on suede, leather, unfinished wood, opals or pearls.

Choose your Dilution Strength to Combat the Soil Strength:
Heavy-Duty – Full Strength to 1:1 Dilution (Example: ½ cup Simple Green + ½ cup water)
General Purpose – Up to 1:10 Dilution (Example: 1 oz. Simple Green + 1 cup water)
Light Cleaning – Up to 1:30 Dilution (Example: 1 oz. Simple Green + 2 cups water)

LAUNDRY – Non-HE Top Loaders Only: To boost the cleaning effectiveness of laundry detergents, add ¼ cup of full-strength Simple Green along with your detergent as the tub fills with water. Add your laundry and wash as usual.


For a list of ingredients, please see our Ingredient Disclosure page.

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    • ★★★★★5
      Awesome motorcycle cleaner

    • For years this has been the go-to for cleaning my Harleys. I spray it on the dry whole bike at full strength and then rinse with regular hose before it dries, usually 1-2 minutes. After rinsing I wipe it down with a micro-fiber rag to dry it and notice very little dirt on the rag. It even gets the bug guts off the back side of the mirrors. There may be times I have to wipe the fairing due to heavier than usual bugs but it s rare. Great product and it is quick and not at all labor intensive.
    • 07/18/2020 kevin Ardmore, AL
    • ★★★★★5
      Best cleaning product for multiple uses

    • I have used Simple Green for everything in my home. I once accidentally spilled it on my kitchen tile right before dinner and decided to join my family and clean it after. WOW!! my grout had never looked so good I decided to do a portion of my large kitchen/living/hallway every evening.
    • 02/06/2020 kitty Perris, CA
    • ★★★★★5
      Cleanliness is Half the Faith.

    • I Love it Because it Cleaning Very Deeply...
    • 02/05/2020 Boemarine Stevensville, MD
    • ★★★★★5
      This is all we use to clean everything

    • Who says nothing is perfect? Simple Green is perfect for cleaning everything and anything. No need to research for any other product. Give it a try.
    • 01/12/2020 LesYou Taneytown, MD
    • ★★★★★5
      Love this stuff!

    • I cleaned our caked on greasey kitchen window blinds with very little effort. I used a damp cloth and spayed a little Simple Green on the cloth as I went and it cleaned the blinds. I also used it on our engineered hardwood flooring and there is no streaks. I love this stuff!
    • 06/14/2019 Anonymous Memphis, TN
    • ★★★★★5
      Cleaned my bathroom

    • I reached for the All Purpose Simple Green to clean my bathroom. I had seen It before but had never used it before. I used it on my whole bathroom. Well besides the glass. But I loved not having to use so many different cleaners. This did a fantastic job on my whole bathroom. I will definitely be using this in the future. The great thing is it can be used on so much more as well. I will be saving so much room in my small bathroom too, since I don't have to keep so many different cleaners on hand now. I will be letting other people know about it too.
    • 06/05/2019 Anonymous Huntsville, AL
    • ★★★★★5
      Great cleaner, especially for grease

    • Simple Green is a great cleaner, especially for grease. We constantly use it to clean the stove top, barbecue grill, oven pans, and things of that nature. We also use it on occasion to clean the garage floor and the back patio floor, and a few times we used it to remain stains so we definitely get our money's worth, especially since the bottle is concentrated. We almost always water it down so it lasts for quiet a while. We also like the scent, it doesn't smell like a cleanser.
    • 05/31/2019 Anonymous Redding, CA
    • ★★★★★5
      Works great and not harsh

    • Having fur babies around I wanted something to clean but didn't leave harsh chemicals behind. I love the Simple Green All Purpose Cleaner it worked so well. I think better than the others left no residue behind a had a very nice light scent. I will be keeping this around!
    • 05/20/2019 Anonymous Cleveland, OH
    • ★★★★★5
      Great cleaner

    • I used this in a dirty bath tub and it dissolved the dirt right away! No harsh bleach either! Great stuff
    • 05/19/2019 Anonymous Natchitoches, LA
    • ★★★★★5
      Great product

    • I like this cleaning product. It has a distinctive smell that I find pleasant. It works great and is a powerful cleaner. I feel safe using this product.
    • 05/18/2019 Anonymous SD