Aerospace Industry


The mining industry includes the cluster of processes that are involved in the discovery, extraction, management, and processing of naturally occurring solid minerals, ores, stone, fossil fuels, etc. from within the earth.


Simple Green's mission is to provide high-quality, safer cleaning products for the mining industry that are rigorously tested, perform exceptionally well, and are cost-effective.

We work with mining customers to create tailor made solutions and products that meet and exceed industry standards by providing safer alternatives to harsh chemical cleaners. Simple Green delivers extraordinary performance, while helping to ensure the health and safety of workers, even in underground cleaning operations. We can help you maximize your productivity, while minimizing stock management costs, worker risk, and waste disposal costs.

Simple Green will help you understand the true cost of your overall cleaning operation. We'll also demonstrate how by implementing small changes, you can enjoy potential savings that can ultimately lower your overall operating costs.


  • Living quarters, cafeteria, medical station, control rooms, and other common mine areas cleaning and sanitization
  • Hydraulic components cleaning and degreasing
  • Engines, engine blocks and components under overhaul or maintenance cleaning and degreasing
  • High temperature, high adhesion grease removal
  • Powertrain and motion component cleaning and degreasing
  • Soil moving equipment cleaning and degreasing
  • Grinding and milling equipment maintenance and repair grease removal, cleaning, and degreasing
  • Evaporator and condenser coil cleaning and de-fouling
  • Underground MRO activities without adding VOC's to the environment
  • Heavy equipment cleaning and degreasing activities to facilitate water recycling
  • Heat exchanger, production, and cooling/heating sides mineral and scale removal
  • Algae, organic residue, and scale removal from cooling tower and drift eliminators
  • CNC, metalworking or cutting tools and equipment cleaning and degreasing
  • Maintenance bay floor and wall cleaning and degreasing
  • Small fleet vehicle cleanup and daily maintenance degreasing
  • Emergency and support vehicle cleaning, washing, and degreasing
  • Deep decontamination to miner's personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Regular worker PPE cleaning and deodorizing
  • Fall arrest equipment and PPE cleaning and degreasing
  • Radiator and condenser cleanup and de-fouling
  • Mining traffic signal cleaning and decontamination


Simple Green is trusted globally for high quality, environmentally safer cleaning products. Our line of industrial products includes cleaners, degreasers, disinfectants, deodorants, detergents, polishes, and industry-specific specialty items that provide safer alternatives to commonly used chemicals and solvents.

If you have questions about an industrial cleaning application that is not addressed here, please contact us via e-mail or phone at 800-228-0709.