Your Ultimate Indoor Spring-Cleaning Checklist

Get Your Home Clean With Simple Green

The hardest part of Spring cleaning is often the first step. With so many tasks to accomplish, simply figuring out where to begin and getting into action can make the project a daunting challenge. That's where a well-planned checklist can make all the difference. For many, the sweet satisfaction of checking an item off the list when it's been completed is enough incentive to make one!

Check out your Ultimate Indoor Spring-Cleaning Checklist, broken down by interior rooms for your convenience. And remember, knowing how to do the job properly is just as important as the task itself. For the most important items on your checklist, we've linked to various cleaning tips to help you get it right the first time - so Spring cleaning doesn't take until September to finish!

All Rooms

Dust + clean ceiling fan and blades (here's how)

Clean windowsills and window tracks

Clean baseboards (here's how)

Dust corners and out-of-reach areas for cobwebs

Test batteries in each smoke detector

Disinfect doorknobs, cabinet handles and light switches (here's how)


Clean all large appliances (here's how)

Deep clean your microwave (here's how)

Deep clean your coffeemaker (here's how)

Empty the crumb tray in your toaster or toaster oven

Clean out your refrigerator and freezer (here's how)

Clean behind and beneath the refrigerator

Clean your oven (here's how)

Clear cabinet shelves

Clean your garbage disposal (here's how)

Deep clean your dishwasher (here's how)

Clean chrome fixtures & faucets (here's how)

Clean grease off walls (here's how)

Clean your range hood filter (here's how)


Clean your pillows (here's how)

Organize drawers and closets

Fill a donation bin with clothes you don't wear anymore

Rotate your mattress & clean it (here's how)

Clean curtains (here's how)

Clean your upholstered headboard (here's how)


Clean your shower head (here's how)

Properly dispose of old medicine and toiletries

Scrub the shower and bathtub (here's how)

Scrub the shower curtain liner (here's how)

Scrub & disinfect the toilet (here's how)

Clean your bathroom tile grout (here's how)

Ged rid of bathroom mold (here's how)

Home Office

Clean your keyboard with canned air

Disinfect your computer mouse

Living Room

Clean your couch (here's how)

Clean your area rugs (here's how)

Clean your fireplace (here's how)

Clean your painted walls (here's how)

Laundry Room

Clean your washer & dryer (here's how)

Clean behind the washer and dryer

Kid Stuff

Clean your stroller (here's how)

Deep clean your kid's high chair (here's how)

Deep clean lunchboxes (here's how)

Clean the play tents and tunnels (here's how)

Disinfect your changing table (here's how)

Clean all plastic toys (here's how)

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