Your Ultimate Spring Cleaning Checklist

Get Your Home Fresh and Clean with Simple Green

Often the hardest part of spring cleaning is taking the first step. With so many tasks to accomplish, figuring out where to begin and how to get it all done can make the entire project feel like a daunting challenge. This is where a well-planned spring cleaning checklist can make all the difference!

For many, the sweet satisfaction of checking items off a list is incentive enough to have one. Plus, it can serve as your overall spring-cleaning project plan. A solid cleaning checklist ensures you won't miss any important tasks.

To help, we put together our Ultimate Spring Cleaning Checklist, broken down by interior rooms, to make planning tasks a breeze. And remember, knowing how to do the job properly is just as important as the task itself. That's why we also provide links to step-by-step spring cleaning tips to help you get it right the first time.

What Is Spring Cleaning?

Spring cleaning is the practice of thoroughly cleaning a house come springtime. Traditionally, it's a way to wash away the dirt and grime of winter. Spring cleaning is all about freshening up your home, preparing for warmer days and the social events that come with it.

Plus, after months of cold and dark, a lot of people feel a rush of excitement when springtime rolls around. Giving your home a thorough cleaning is a great way to capitalize on that burst of energy.

When Is Spring Cleaning?

While Spring officially begins March 20, there is no one "official" day to begin your spring cleaning routine. A lot of it depends on your local weather.

When you start noticing a shift from cold winds to warm breezes, and daylight is lasting a bit longer, then it might be time to grab your sponge, mop, bucket, spring cleaning checklist and a bottle of Simple Green.

Spring Cleaning Checklist:

Here's a cleaning task breakdown, for every room in your house. Pick a starting point and before you know it your entire home will be clean, fresh, and ready for spring.

All Rooms:

  • Dust and clean ceiling fan and blades (here's how)
  • Clean windowsills and window tracks
  • Clean baseboards (here's how)
  • Dust corners and out-of-reach areas for cobwebs
  • Test batteries in each smoke detector
  • Disinfect doorknobs, cabinet handles and light switches (here's how)


  • Clean all large appliances (here's how)
  • Deep clean your microwave (here's how)
  • Deep clean your coffeemaker (here's how)
  • Empty the crumb tray in your toaster or toaster oven
  • Clean out your refrigerator and freezer (here's how)
  • Clean behind and beneath the refrigerator
  • Clean your oven (here's how)
  • Clear cabinet shelves
  • Clean your garbage disposal (here's how)
  • Deep clean your dishwasher (here's how)
  • Clean chrome fixtures & faucets (here's how)
  • Clean grease off walls (here's how)
  • Clean your range hood filter (here's how)


  • Clean your pillows (here's how)
  • Organize drawers and closets
  • Fill a donation bin with clothes you don't wear anymore
  • Rotate your mattress & clean it (here's how)
  • Clean curtains (here's how)
  • Clean your upholstered headboard (here's how)


Home Office:

  • Clean debris out of your keyboard with canned air
  • Disinfect your computer mouse

Living Room:

Laundry Room:

  • Clean your washer & dryer (here's how)
  • Clean behind the washer and dryer

Kid Stuff:

Once you've checked every item off your spring cleaning checklist it's time to sit back, relax, and enjoy your sparkling clean home. Be sure to check out our complete list of over 300 Cleaning Tips for cleaning almost any type of surface, both indoors and out.