Simple Green Versatility
Simple Green Versatility

You Only Need One Cleaner: The (Very) Many Uses of Simple Green

People have known and loved Simple Green for its safer all-purpose cleaning, degreasing and stain removing abilities since we first hit the market in 1975. But you may be surprised to learn that one bottle of Simple Green All-Purpose Cleaner can replace nearly every cleaning product under your sink, offering hundreds of cleaning applications and uses.

Simple Green eliminates tough stains, dirt, gunk & funk on fabric, almost any washable surface and just about anything you'd find on your cleaning checklist or your bigger DIY projects at home. From smudges and fingerprints on walls to mildew stains in the bathroom, our All-Purpose Cleaner easily handles the toughest spills, splatters and stains, with a versatility that allows you to save money you'd otherwise spend on a range of specialty cleaning products.

And it's concentrated, so a little bit goes a long way. Use it straight from the bottle on tough stains and grime, or you can dilute the cleaner with water for cost savings - one gallon of Simple Green concentrate can make up to 120 ea. 32 oz. bottles of light cleaner.

Filthy fabric? No problem.

Cleaning fabric is a cinch with Simple Green. Use it to easily handle dirty car upholstery, stained couches, carpet and more, without harming the fabric or carpet fibers. While you're at it, put it to work saving those grass-stained jeans, giving the kids' smudged up shoes a makeover, and even clean that stained mattress you've been putting off cleaning!

Got a stain, scuff or spill to remove? Simple Green has you covered with a biodegradable* cleaning formula making it ideal for almost any cleaning job both indoors and outdoors. It can be safely used in more sensitive cleaning areas such as the kitchen or bathroom, as well as cleaning up after your pets without fear of harsh chemical residue that can harm our human or animal family members.

Clean virtually any washable surface

With Simple Green, surface cleanup is a snap - whether you're battling greasy, charred-on baking pan residue from an overdone batch of cookies or scrubbing stubborn grime from plastic storage containers. Did your little artist make a crayon mural on the wall? No need to fret – or repaint their bedroom. We make cleanup easy.

A cleaning staple in homes for nearly 45 years, Simple Green is great for cleaning delicate items such as glass, jewelry, makeup brushes and baby toys. But it's ideal for household cleaning as well, from floors to baseboards to ceiling fans and more.

Great for the garage

We also make short order of cleaning your tools, lawnmower, bike and other items in your garage. Simple Green has long been the go-to for gearheads, for its many automotive uses. The non-corrosive, non-abrasive formula is safe for cleaning chrome, aluminum, stainless steel and other metals. It lifts heavy grease & oil, automotive fluids, lubricants, coolants, brake dust and more, without damaging delicate vehicle components or using dangerous solvents or caustic chemicals. Plus, it can be used on floormats, carpets, dashboards, rims and more!

If you love how Simple Green performs on your gear, you'll appreciate that same level of performance & safety in cleaning your BBQ, lifting charred burger chunks & grease off the grill.

Terrible trash can smells? Simple Green's deodorizing sassafras scent gets rid of the foul odors while reclaiming your bin from even the grossest grime.

Pressure washers, carpet cleaners and beyond

Simple Green's impressive versatility means it can even be used in various cleaning equipment. Add it to a carpet cleaning machine to deep-clean your carpets or upholstery. Use it in a pressure washer for thorough, safer cleaning of home siding, driveways, decks, patios and more. It takes a powerful cleaner to tackle tough cleanup jobs - but many of them contain dangerous chemicals that can harm you and your family. With Simple Green All-Purpose Cleaner, you won't have to sacrifice safety for performance. It also deodorizes as you clean to eliminate unpleasant smells and lingering odors.

Simple Green is non-abrasive and non-corrosive, making it safe for use on a wide range of surfaces. It also carries the U.S. EPA Safer Choice label, ensuring that it works well, is effective, and is safer for people and the planet. Perhaps it's time to replace your harsh chemicals with the trusted, concentrated, all-purpose cleaning power of Simple Green.

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