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Cat Fancy Magazine: Simple Green Cat Pet Stain & Odor Remover
Featured as a "Product for Cats and Their People"
Cat Fancy Magazine: Simple Green Cat Pet Stain & Odor Remover
April 1, 2014

Goodbye, Odors

Nontoxic and biodegradable, Simple Green Cat Pet Stain & Odor Remover is people–, pet–, and surface–safe. It eliminates pet odors and discourages your pet from revisiting areas that have been cleaned. And the wonderful scent will leave your home smelling clean and fresh.

Woodworking Network Puts Simple Green to the Test
Simple Green Vs. Lye in a Head–to–Head Challenge
Woodworking Network Puts Simple Green to the Test
March 6, 2014

Written by Scott Wunder of Woodworking Magazine

When I think of green products, especially a green cleaner, I think of something that is nice to the environment and nice to dirt. I imagine a product that tries harder to make me feel better about using it than it does about getting the job done. Now, I am not in a hurry to damage the Earth, but if I have to choose, I often lean to the more manly and more toxic.

One of my favorite toxic substances is lye. It is mean and if you want something to melt any organic substance you can think of, lye is it. Lye is the main ingredient in Drano drain cleaner and it removes clogs by dissolving the most common culprit – hair. I...…Read More also know that it burns skin and while I use it to darken cherry, if left on too long and too strong it will actually dissolve the wood.

Now that got me thinking. I have used oven cleaner in the past to clean saw blades; it did a good job dissolving the wood stuck to the blades and it burns my skin. With those two things in common, there just might be lye in the oven cleaner. It doesn't really matter what is in the oven cleaner, but it started to make a stronger connection in my head between lye and using it as a cleaner to remove wood and wood pitch that gets stuck to every high–speed tool in the shop.

Lye to Clean Everything

I got very excited and very sidetracked and started using lye to clean everything and it worked great. The most impressive use of the lye was on belts from my widebelt sander. At $40 a pop, the sanding belts are hard to part with, especially when I know the only thing wrong with them is that they are full of pitch. In the past, I had used the rubber sticks that are specifically built to clean sanding belts and there were always spots that wouldn't come clean, but not with the lye. In just a matter of minutes, even the nastiest chunks of burnished and burnt wood streaks melted away and left me with a like-new belt. Luckily, the sanding belt itself seemed rather impervious to the lye.

I couldn&apo;st believe it. There was only one thing left to do – go to Youtube and see if anyone else knew about this dramatic new finding. I didn't find anything for cleaning big belts, only ideas for smaller belts and none of them mentioned lye. I couldn't believe that no one had come up with this yet. Lye was the ticket. But as I soon found out, it wasn't the Holy Grail.

The more I searched the Internet to see what others were saying about lye, the more I came across what I assumed were the granola's of the earth pushing Simple Green to clean saw blades. I thought sure, if you want your saw blades cleaned sometime this year then go ahead. Then I read a few more posts about the virtues of Simple Green and eventually I couldn't ignore it, so I tried it.

Simple Green worked great on my saw blades. They cleaned up as quickly as they would have with lye or oven cleaner – WHAT? I truly couldn't believe it. No way on God's Simple Green earth was it going to beat the muscle–bound, knee–busting power of my good friend lye. There was only one way to find out, so I put them in a head–to–head test on a belt of wood–clogged sandpaper from my widebelt sander. I am sure you can tell from the title that Simple Green had more than a good showing. Simple Green worked just as well as lye – absolutely no difference. If a spot needed to soak a bit with lye, it needed to soak the same amount with Simple Green, with the added benefit of not melting everything it touches. I don't know what is in that stuff, but it works.

Lately, I have even been using Simple Green in my drip system on my sawmill. In the past (when my sawmill was outside) I would resort to using diesel to keep the blades clean on pitchy wood, like pine. It worked, but at the end of the day everything felt extra dirty and smelled like diesel, which is the exact opposite of how it should smell when cutting fresh wood, especially pine. Just a little Simple Green added to the water in my drip system keeps the blade clean and the shop smelling fresh. It really is amazing how well it works. Simple Green, who knew?

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Bruce FaBrizio and Simple Green Featured in Green Cleaning Magazine
Green Cleaning Magazine's "People We Love: Simple Green's Bruce FaBrizio"
Bruce FaBrizio and Simple Green Featured in Green Cleaning Magazine
March 5, 2014

Written by Erinn Morgan at Green Cleaning Magazine

Simply brilliant. Developed in the 1970s out of a desire to make a cleaning formula that was safer for people and the planet, Simple Green is an effective product that has had serious staying power. Founder Bruce FaBrizio worked with his father to create the product and drive the company to success. Today, his company, Sunshine Makers, Inc., boasts global distribution of Simple Green and a roster of new products from green pet cleaning solutions to the Simple Green Naturals line. Here, we check in with this green cleaning veteran to learn more about Simple Green's beginnings, its hard times, and FaBrizio's path to...…Read More success.

GreenCleaningMagazine: We love your company's focus. What drove you to develop the original formula for Simple Green back in the 1970's?

Bruce Fabrizio: My father was a chemical sales representative working in downtown Los Angeles when I was a young man. I used to help my Dad deliver chemicals during breaks between college semesters. Believe it or not, there used to be a very robust manufacturing base in LA back then.
One day, when I was at an account with my Dad, we saw a horrible accident at a plating plant, where a man fell into a vat of chemical used in the passivation of metals. We watched this man suffer a very painful death after he had been removed from the vat. It shook us both to the core and as we drove home, we discussed the idea of coming up with safer chemistry that would do the cleaning tasks that were then being done with really nasty stuff like trichloroethylene, MEK, benzene, toluene, etcetera.
Dad had connections to local chemists, and we started working with them to formulate our product. We went through many formulation processes, coloring each product a different color to do comparative testing. The best formula was the green one–and Simple Green was born.

GCM: Is that the same formula used today in your products?

Bruce: From the start, we knew that our formula was safer from an environmental, health and safety standpoint than the nasty chemicals we sought to replace. As our business grew, we were doing more and more testing on the formula and learned that it had many more "green" attributes, such as being orally non–toxic (according to globally accepted scientific calculation). It was also readily biodegradable (according to globally accepted scientific test methods) and it was very low in aquatic toxicity (again, according to global test standards).
Folks started having success using Simple Green to break down petroleum contaminants in soil to provide a useable food source to indigenous bacteria that would then consume the petroleum without being killed by the Simple Green. This formula has been extremely successful in providing a safer means for cleaning–both in the home, the workplace, and in the world at large. In our company lifetime we have also developed other formulations to do those things that Simple Green All–Purpose can't. In addition, just as science and technology have advanced, our original formula has advanced. The Simple Green of today is not 100% the same chemistry as the Simple Green of 1975. Today's product meets today's tough air–quality laws that are reshaping everything from paints to personal care items and cleaning products. I'm proud to say that our chemistry has only improved.

GCM: What are the key ingredients to that formula–are they safe and eco–friendly?

Bruce: The Simple Green formula has always met or exceeded the environmental, health and safety regulations of the countries where it is sold. If you look at our Material Safety Data Sheets, which are readily available on our web site ( you will see the ingredients from which our products are made. We always seek to create formulations that are safe for our consumers and benign to the environment when used as instructed on the label. We have a strong R&D and Regulatory team that vets ingredients to be sure we are not only compliant with the law, but steering clear of chemicals of concern, as defined by the regulatory agencies in the countries where Simple Green products are sold.
For example, our recent release to market of Simple Green Laundry offers the consumer a laundry detergent that not only works and smells great, but has no test–detectable 1,4-dioxane. When we have the science in advance of putting a product to market, we always seek to use the safest chemistry that creates safer products for our customers.

GCM: What are Simple Green's key safety and efficacy claims that have been proven?

Bruce: That is a great question. We have been applying the new FTC Green Guides to our products since it went into effect in late 2012. Our claim of a non–toxic formula is supported by the Office of Economic Development's (OECD) calculation method for the classification and labeling of chemicals–correctly classifying the formula as orally non–toxic to humans and mammals, as well as passing rigorous laboratory testing of the formula to show that it is non–toxic to aquatic life, since it is highly likely that our formula will eventually pass through our sewage treatment facilities and end up in the ocean.
We also passed a standard OECD biodegradability test that was extended beyond the normal 28–day cutoff period to show that our formula reached 100% degradation within 56 days, which is accepted as "a reasonably short period of time" by those who use the FTC Green Guides as law. In addition, standard ASTM efficacy tests have been performed on our product both at concentrate and diluted levels to prove that it meets the cleaning claims we make for it. And all of this testing has been reviewed by a third party, UL-STR, for verification of its accuracy and the accuracy of our claims based upon it. You can see this at

GCM: When did you launch the Naturals line and why did you add this line into your product mix?

Bruce: The Simple Green Naturals line debuted at Lowe's Home Improvement stores in 2008 in response to growing consumer demand for household cleaning products made from naturally derived feedstock. The economic downturn has kind of wreaked havoc with the cost of the materials to make these products, our ability to sell them at a competitive cost, and the consumer's ability to spend according to their greener conscience. We are still offering our Naturals products because we believe in them, but that marketplace has certainly contracted since 2008.

GCM: Why is creating safe and environmentally friendly products important to you?

Bruce: As already described, my Dad and I worked closely together on the creation of Simple Green, and we saw firsthand the need for safer cleaning formulations. Unfortunately, my Dad did not live to see the thriving company that has evolved from that initial formula. I like to believe that it is both my father's and my legacy have left this world a better place than we found it through the company that has evolved from that initial formula.

GCM: Why did you create EGBAR?

Bruce: Growing a business is not easy, as many failed and successful entrepreneurs will tell you. During the early days of trying to build my company, through the death of my father and some other "growing pains," I faced some very difficult times. At a particularly rough patch, when I thought I might have to close the doors, I decided to stay the course on a plan of action that others thought was folly.

When the crisis had passed, and my little company was still standing, I decided to form a non–profit foundation that would carry the torch of an attitude that I think is most beneficial in business and in life–Everything's Gonna Be All Right. The EGBAR Foundation is supported by the success of Sunshine Makers, Inc., my company, and the success of our Simple Green brand. The foundation has had its hand in many activities over the years, all of which carry the seed of this idea that if you do something like help children learn about protecting the environment or help communities clean up their own backyard or provide funds to schools that desperately need them, then everything will be all right.

GCM: Beyond running a successful company, what are your favorite pastimes/hobbies?

Bruce: In my youth I was very much the athlete and played rugby, football, and handball, as well doing lots of boating and some skiing. I am still a big sports enthusiast but my hardcore playing days are behind me. Now, I sponsor the Simple Green US Open of Handball each year, and still take my boat out regularly. I've always loved Catalina Island and have supported the Catalina Conservancy over the years and their wonderful efforts to preserve the unique ecology of that island.
I'm also very keen on dogs and have always brought my successive Golden Retrievers to work with me through the years. My wife, Viviana, and I currently have seven dogs and I support her efforts in working with animal shelters to find homes for shelter dogs.
Finally, while I no longer ski there, I have a great love for Aspen, Colorado, and recently completed a project to bring my house there–and those of my neighbors–off of the coal–fired power grid and onto the hydroelectric power generated on my property.

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#SimpleGreenSelfie Contest
We're Giving Away a $500 Sam's Club Gift Card Each Week!
#SimpleGreenSelfie Contest
February 18, 2014

Beginning February 18, 2014 Simple Green will be giving away thousands of dollars in Sam's Club gift cards to fans who show us their Simple Green purchase from Sam's Club! Entering is easy:

  1. Buy a bottle of Simple Green at Sam's Club.
  2. Scrub up and take a photo of yourself, your Sam's Club receipt and your bottle of Simple Green. Prefer to stream video instead? You can do that too!
  3. Make sure to spray on these tags before you post it: @SimpleGreen and #SimpleGreenSelfie

Judges will award a $100 Sam's Club gift card to the 5 entries that shine the brightest each week. One of those entries will go on to wipe out the...…Read More competition and take home $500 in Sam's Club gift cards instead!

Winning photos will be reposted on Simple Green's Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts, so winners can easily show the world how they cleaned up, both at home and in this contest.

Polish up your Instagram and Twitter accounts because they will need to be set to public to participate. Also make sure to follow @SimpleGreen on Twitter & Instagram so we can contact you if you've won. We've also got handy cleaning tips, great discounts and special offers that you'll want to soak up.

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Simple Green Pet Products in the Arkansas Democrat Gazette
The Gazette's Jennifer Nixon reviews Bio Dog, Oxy Dog, and Cat Stain & Odor Removers
Simple Green Pet Products in the Arkansas Democrat Gazette
January 25, 2014

Courtesy of Jennifer Nixon at the Arkansas Democrat Gazette

Who doesn't love our furry friends? Well, maybe you don't when Rover or Fluffy has an accident on the new carpet or makes your lovely patio too smelly for human use.

The Simple Green company is not only about the environment and keeping things safe for the planet, it is also about pets. When the company founder was shopping his products to veterinarians, the vets suggested coming up with a safe cleaning solution that doesn't irritate puppy paws. This product line is the result.

There are special stain and odor removers, two lines for dogs (Bio Dog for soft surfaces and Oxy Dog for hard ones)...…Read More and one for cats. They remove odors to discourage marking and re–visiting on the part of your pet while also removing the stains.

There's also an outdoor odor eliminator for use on patios, decks, dogs runs and artificial turf that's safe for your lawn.

As the name suggests, these products are designed to be easy on pets but tough on the stuff they leave behind.

105th Annual Newport Beach Christmas Boat Parade
Simple Green Gets In the Holiday Spirit!
105th Annual Newport Beach Christmas Boat Parade
December 18, 2013

This year's Newport Beach Christmas Boat Parade marked the 105th year in which over a million people joined together to celebrate the magic of the holidays, solidifying it as one of the oldest holiday traditions in the nation. Simple Green is proud to have been a presenting sponsor of the parade, as well as the Ring of Lights and Awards Dinner and Auction. Viewers from all over partook in this year's parade festivities – themed "Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree" – generously hosted by the Commodores Club of the Newport Beach Chamber of Commerce. An array of multi–million dollar yachts, kayaks, canoes, canoes and small boats lit up the...…Read More 14–mile stretch of the harbor from December 18th to December 22nd. "The Last Hurrah", an 86–foot motor yacht, took home this year's top sweepstakes prize, making it the yacht's 5th win in six years. The New York Times declared "one of the top ten holiday happenings in the nation" closed with a stunning fireworks show on the wintry Sunday night.

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17th Annual EGBAR Foundation Golf Tournament
EGBAR Foundation Works to Raise More for America’s Deserving Schools
17th Annual EGBAR Foundation Golf Tournament
December 11, 2013

The EGBAR Foundation’s largest philanthropic event of the year took place at Strawberry Farms Golf Club on the radiant morning of December 11th, 2013. Each participating golfer was given the freedom to select any deserving school or charity organization to benefit from the tournament’s contributions. The proceeds raised by the charity event were matched by a generous donation from the EGBAR Foundation, granting around $137,000 to over 50 schools across the country.

Over the past two years, the foundation has given over a quarter of a million dollars in funds to various educational institutions with the help of this golf tournament. The endless support from Simple...…Read More Green, as well as donations from all over the world, consistently enables the EGBAR Foundation to make a difference through leading by example to “Think Globally, Act Locally.”

Specially Formulated for High Efficiency Washing Machines
Simple Green Laundry Products are Low Sudsing and Quick Dispersing
Specially Formulated for High Efficiency Washing Machines
November 23, 2013

Simple Green Laundry is specially formulated for high efficiency and standard washing machines. HE detergents are low—sudsing and quick dispersing. They hold soil in suspension so it is not redeposited onto clean clothes even in the low volume of water.

The following products are HE compatible:
• Simple Green® Laundry – Free & Clear
• Simple Green® Laundry – Sunshine Fresh

Seal Beach National Wildlife Refuge Planting
Simple Green Volunteers Get Their Hands Dirty in Honor of National Public Lands Day
Seal Beach National Wildlife Refuge Planting
November 23, 2013

On November 23rd, 2013, volunteers from the Simple Green team took part in the largest planting event of the year held by the Seal Beach National Wildlife Refuge. It was a brisk Saturday morning on which more than 200 volunteers came together on the Seal Beach Naval Weapons Station to plant native shrubs in honor of National Public Lands Day.

The refuge is a 965–acre salt marsh, and has been located on the Weapons Station since it was first established in 1972. Jointly managed by the Navy and the Fish and Wildlife Service, the refuge is home to two endangered bird species and remains one of the few undeveloped coastal areas in Southern California. A record–breaking...…Read More number of shrubs were planted by the volunteers in attendance, leaving both the refuge staff and the native critters very happy.

The 18th Annual Seal Beach Wag n' Walk
Seal Beach Animal Care Center Benefitted by Annual Dog Parade
The 18th Annual Seal Beach Wag n' Walk
September 28, 2013

The Seal Beach Wag n’ Walk is an annual fundraiser held to benefit the Seal Beach Animal Care Center, which is a non-profit, pro-life animal shelter dedicated to rescuing and rehabilitating abandoned pets. While the SBACC is primarily committed to serving the city of Seal Beach, the shelter also attracts adopters from its neighboring counties, and networks with other shelters and rescue groups across the country.

The Simple Green team was present in full force this year, handing out samples of DOG Pet Stain & Odor Remover, single–use All–Purpose Wipes, and coupons. DOG Pet Stain & Odor Remover cleans up and removes any biological pet soil on both hard and...…Read More soft surfaces. This non-toxic and biodegradable formula is beneficial to any pet owner looking to remove pet stains and leave previously soiled areas looking and smelling like new.