Simple Green® Bike Cleaner & Degreaser - Aerosol

Simple Green Bike Cleaner & Degreaser is a non-corrosive & non-flammable cleaner specially formulated to meet the cleaning needs of today's riders. The formula is guaranteed to cut through caked-on mud, dirt, grease, grime, & other road and trail soils.

  • Readily biodegradable formula
  • Clinging foam
  • Cuts through caked-on soils

Cleaning Tips

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Directions for Use

  1. Wet surface to be cleaned with ambient water.
  2. Spray-on a thick, even coating of Simple Green BIKE Cleaner & Degreaser on soiled areas. Scrub if necessary.
  3. Allow foam to penetrate soiled surfaces for several minutes - up to 10 minutes for heavier soils. Do not allow to dry.
  4. Damp-wipe or rinse with clean, ambient water.
  5. Wipe dry with a clean microfiber, chamois, or lint-free cloth, towel, or paper towel.
  6. Repeat if necessary.


For a list of ingredients, please see our Ingredient Disclosure page.


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