La Conservation Corps Honors Bruce Fabrizio
La Conservation Corps Honors Bruce Fabrizio

The Los Angeles Conservation Corps Honors Founder and CEO of Simple Green

Huntington Beach, CA - Sunshine Makers, Inc. - the makers of Simple Green, are proud to announce that the Los Angeles Conservation Corps (LACC), the largest non-profit youth corps in the United States, has selected Bruce FaBrizio, Founder and CEO of Simple Green, as their 2008 Corporate Honoree!

The Los Angeles Conservation Corps was founded in 1986, and their mission is to provide at-;risk young adults and school-aged youth with opportunities for success through job skills training, education and work experience with an emphasis on conservation and service projects that benefit the community.

One of the many programs they offer is the SEA Lab in Redondo Beach, which offers free and low-cost educational programs about marine wildlife and hands-on activities to more than 30,000 visitors every year. College-aged students trained by the LACC lead tours and activities which include a sea-life touch-tank, hands-on classroom lessons and community service projects. In 2005, the USS EGBAR, an interactive educational program built and funded by Simple Green and the EGBAR Foundation, housed in a unique submarine themed kiosk, began its maiden voyage: to help all visitors of the SEA Lab understand how improper waste disposal harms the environment, and how to be environmentally responsible through proper recycling and conservation.

The makers of Simple Green are proud of their continued support of the LACC, and their work to educate children and all SEA Lab visitors about the importance of environmental responsibility and protecting our most precious resource, our planet. Bruce FaBrizio and the Sunshine Makers organization believe in this partnership and are reminded every day of the many positive things that come from it. Together, Simple Green and the LACC have a very bright future.

Sunshine Makers, Inc. - the makers of Simple Green products - celebrates over 35 years of Environmental Leadership this year. Sunshine Makers, Inc. seeks to be a catalyst for programs and services that benefit the environment. By supporting and sponsoring our partners for environmental intelligence, we are creating a synergy where the result of our individual actions is greater than the sum of the whole.