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Simple Green® Naturals Glass & Surface Care

Simple Green® Naturals Glass & Surface Care

★★★★★ 97 Reviews
An easy, safe and effective cleaner for use on glass, mirrors, chrome and other reflective surfaces throughout the home. Made from 100% naturally-derived ingredients it contains plant-based surfactants that penetrate oily soils such as air pollutants, tobacco tars, auto smog, fireplace and candle soot. It also contains corn and coconut-derived sequestrants that break the bond of the soils, leaving surfaces clean and streak free.
  • Cleans reflective and glass surfaces without ammonia or rubbing alcohol
  • 100% naturally sourced ingredients
  • Fresh Rosemary Mint scent
  • Non-toxic* and biodegradable formula
This ready-to-use glass cleaner can be simply sprayed onto a glass, reflective or other hard surface and wiped clean with a lint free paper towel, a non-abrasive lint free cloth or clean microfiber cloth.


  • Water
  • PEG cocomonium choride & laureth-6 (coconut & palm)
  • Postasslum gluconate & cocoglucoside (coconunt & corn)
  • Laureth-7 (palm kernel)
  • Fragrance including rosemary oil, spearmint oil, grapefruit oil, and orange oil

Directions for Use

Best results achieved when used on cool surfaces.

  1. Spray on.
  2. Wipe and polish dry with dry cloth, paper towel, or squeegee.

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