How To Clean House Siding
How To Clean House Siding


Homeowners who love the look of their house siding understand that regular maintenance is key to keeping it looking great and extending its lifespan. Blazing heat, snowy winters and all the elements in between can wreak havoc on home siding, resulting in a weathered, dingy look if it's not properly cleaned.

The accumulation of unsightly dirt, pollen, pollution and more can go a long way toward diminishing your home siding's overall appeal. If your siding even looks like it may need a new coat of paint, you may be pleasantly surprised by the rejuvenating effect of a good cleaning, with a cleaning product and technique that won't damage the material of your siding.

Simple Green Oxy Solve Total Outdoor Cleaner is great for safely cleaning home siding. It lifts dirt and stains from mold, mildew, moss, and algae from outdoor surfaces such as wood, plastic, concrete and more. The fast-acting cleaner uses peroxide to brighten and renew surfaces without bleach.

To keep your wood, vinyl or aluminum siding in top form, you should follow the basic maintenance steps outlined below about once a year. Follow these simple cleaning steps to remove dirt, grime, and stains from algae, mold, and mildew, and keep the best look and longest lifespan for your siding.

When in doubt about a surface, always spot test first.

Directions For How To Clean House Siding


Be sure to check your equipment warranty beforehand. Always follow the manufacturer's recommendation on proper cleaning practices.

Use caution when cleaning around openings like windows, doors, lighting, and plumbing connections.

Before cleaning: Protect nearby plants and grass by rinsing them with water before and after pressure washing.

  1. Hose down the surface.
  2. Pour full-strength Simple Green Oxy Solve Total Outdoor Cleaner into your equipment's detergent tank, or drop your siphon tube into the product bottle.
  3. Apply Simple Green onto the siding in sections starting from bottom to top, using a low-pressure setting and a 25-40 degree nozzle tip. Make sure your pressure washer nozzle is pointed at the siding in a downward angle, keeping a minimum of 18 inches from the surface to avoid driving water beneath or behind the siding. Do not allow the product to dry onto the surface or it will be harder to rinse off.
  4. Rinse well with clean water from top to bottom.


Follow the Before Cleaning information above.

  1. In a bucket or large container, mix 1.5 cups Simple Green Oxy Solve Total Outdoor Cleaner in a gallon of water.
  2. Hose down the siding.
  3. Use a soft-bristle brush to apply the cleaning mixture in sections, from bottom to top, scrubbing firmly enough to clean without damaging the siding surface. Don't allow to dry between sections or it will be harder to rinse off.
  4. Rinse with hose from top to bottom.

[Note: Simple Green Oxy Solve Total Outdoor Cleaner is the ideal direct-release formula for this job, but if you cannot obtain it, Simple Green All-Purpose Cleaner is safe for your pressure washer and works great, too.]


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