How to Clean Mirrors
How to Clean Mirrors


Waking up to the shocking sight of your bedhead and unsightly streaks on the bathroom mirror?! No thank you.

Mirrors are notoriously easy to smudge and streak amid toothpaste splatters, grubby fingerprints, hairspray residue, and general dust. Improper cleaning technique can worsen the problem.

A streaky mirror is a direct result of careless spraying and wiping. When you wipe away a greasy or oily smudge and continue wiping across surrounding clean glass, you're left with streakiness. Even if you've tried to outsmart the smudges by using a particular wiping motion, you may instead just be redepositing the dust, dirt, and oils from your cloth back onto the mirror's surface.

Commercial glass cleaners often contain ammonia, which can irritate skin, eyes, and the respiratory system. If not ammonia, many store-bought cleaning products have excessive amounts of soap in them. Too many of these suds will lead to way too many streaks.

Seeking to clean a mirror without streaks, people often turn to homemade cleaning solutions like mixtures of white vinegar and water. Vinegar doesn't stand up well to anything remotely greasy or oily. Plus, it doesn't smell great.

Lastly, paper towels and newspapers do not make for good glass cleaning tools. They could leave behind lint, dust, or even newsprint residue. A flat weave microfiber cloth is your best option for cleaning a bathroom mirror, as it doesn't hold onto lint.

Simple Green Clean Building Glass Cleaner's naturally-derived formula cleans without harsh ammonia, soap, or rubbing alcohol, leaving behind nothing but a streak-free mirror. The utilizes the power of plant-based extracts and essential oils to remove stubborn soils and smudges.

Directions for Cleaning Mirrors:

For best results, use on cool surfaces.

  1. Apply cleaner to your cloth. Spray Simple Green Clean Building Glass Cleaner on a dry microfiber cloth. Avoid spraying directly onto the mirror, as this can cause it to seep behind the silver coating and leave behind black tarnish marks.
  2. Wipe the mirror. Wipe in a tight zig-zag pattern from the top left corner to the right corner, and down from there.
  3. Dry. Use a clean, dry microfiber cloth to buff for a streak-free finish.
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