Simple Green® Stone Cleaner & Polish

★★★★☆4.3  3 Reviews

Simple Green Stone Cleaner & Polish cleans and shines stone in one easy step. It is ideal for natural, synthetic and engineered stone. The easy to apply, no-wait formula is perfect for daily use.

  • Cleans and shines in one step
  • Perfect for daily use
  • Ideal for many types of stone

Cleaning Tips

Where To Buy Simple Green® Stone Cleaner & Polish

Directions for Use

  1. Spray on Simple Green Stone Cleaner & Polish.
  2. Wipe off with a non-abrasive, absorbent cloth or towel.
  3. For grease or dried-on soils, allow the cleaner to remain on the surface for a minute or two before wiping off.


For a list of ingredients, please see our Ingredient Disclosure page.

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    • ★★★★☆4
      Works nicely

    • used this to clean my granite counter tops and it did a great job. Didn't take much and it shined them up very nicely. No streaking or cloudy look. Smells ok, not great. Does get the job done and makes them look really nice!
    • 06/26/2019 Anonymous China Spring, TX
    • ★★★★☆4
      its a good product

    • despite having granite kitchen and bath counter tops, ive never really used a product like this before so i had to to look up how to use it. ive never used this brand either. the scent isnt overpowering like some other products i have. i think this product works well for cleaning and does leave my counter tops looking pretty nice. overall, it is a good product and does what it is supposed to do.
    • 06/11/2019 Anonymous Los Angeles, CA
    • ★★★★★5
      Effective and Time Saving!

    • I like this product because it encompasses both a cleaner and polisher in one bottle, instead of having to purchase individual bottles of cleaner and polisher. It effectively removes all of the dirt from my granite counter tops, and leaves a nice shine too after simply spraying and wiping. I wouldn't buy anything that wasn't non-toxic, and this product gives me peace of mind when it comes to both humans and pets. All of these elements make it safe to use on a daily basis added to which it smells quite nice too. I would recommend this cleaner which produces good results and is affordable.
    • 05/21/2019 Anonymous Livonia, MI