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Simple Green® Lime Scale Remover

★★★★★ 99 Reviews
Simple Green Lime Scale Remover is specially formulated to effectively dissolve and remove mineral deposits, hard water marks and soap scum without traditional harmful acids. The organic salt ingredient within Simple Green Lime Scale Remover doesn't strip protective finishes from porcelain, tile and plumbing.
  • Removes lime scale, calcium, soap scum, and other hard water and mineral soils
  • Non-fuming, phosphate-free formula
  • No bleach, ammonia or phosphorous
  • Pleasant wintergreen scent
The safer choice for use on porcelain sinks, toilets and tubs, ceramic tile, shower and faucet fixtures, glass shower doors, fiberglass, aluminum, chrome, PVC and stainless steel. It can also be used to clean water deposits from glassware, coffee makers, dishwashers and laundry washing machines.

Directions for Use

Always spot test on a hidden area first. This sprayer can deliver in a spray or a foam. Simple Green Lime Scale Remover is highly effective when applied as a foam.

  1. Spray onto surface, or apply with a damp sponge or cloth
  2. Scrub around fixtures with a stiff, non-metallic brush to loosen heavy deposit build-up.
  3. Immediately rinse thoroughly for shiny, clean results.


  • Water
  • Urea Hydrochloride
  • Sodium Citrate
  • Ethoxylated Alcohol
  • Potassium Iodide
  • Fragrance
  • Colorant