Simple Green® RTU Carpet Cleaner


    Simple Green® RTU Carpet Cleaner

    Simple Green Ready-To-Use Carpet Cleaner harnesses the natural power of peroxide to eliminate tough stains and stubborn dirt on carpets, rugs, fabric, and upholstery. Easy-to-use spray and wipe formula requires no mixing and leaves behind a fresh scent.

    • Convenient, ready-to-use carpet cleaner requires no mixing
    • Removes grease, pet stains, blood, oils, coffee, and food spills
    • Works great on carpets, rugs, fabric, and upholstery
    • Uses the natural power of peroxide to clean
    • Color-safe formula brightens and renews without harmful bleach
    • Deep cleans both new and set-in stains
    • Removes unpleasant odors, leaving behind a fresh scent
    • Can be used for both spot cleaning and stain removal

    (Spot test on a hidden area first)
    1. Remove excess soils.
    2. Spray Simple Green Carpet Cleaner to cover soiled area.
    3. Allow 2 minutes of contact.
    4. Wipe & blot up with a clean, white towel, cloth, or paper towel.
    5. Repeat steps 2-4 if necessary.
    6. Allow cleaned areas to dry before resuming use or traffic.

    For a list of ingredients, please see our Ingredients Disclosure page.

    Compliance Documentation

    In accordance with OSHA standards, Safety Data Sheets are available for all Simple Green Products.