Simple Green® Heavy-Duty BBQ & Grill Cleaner

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Simple Green Heavy-Duty BBQ and Grill Cleaner removes grease build-up, baked-on food, and carbon deposits on grates, stainless steel parts, smokers, BBQ covers, and more. The easy-rinse formula doesn't leave chemicals behind on cooking surfaces.

  • BBQ and grill cleaner removes grease build-up and baked-on food
  • Ideal for grates, stainless steel, smokers, vinyl covers and more
  • Rinses residue-free, leaves nothing behind to interfere w/ flavor

Cleaning Tips

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Directions for Use

  1. Spray Simple Green Heavy Duty BBQ & GRILL Cleaner onto all soiled surfaces.
  2. Allow several minutes of contact time so that the product does most of the work.
  3. With non-abrasive cleaning sponges, scrubbers, brushes or other grill cleaning tools of your choice, scrub down the grill.
  4. Damp wipe or rinse all surfaces with water to remove soils and cleaner.
  5. Allow to dry before reuse.
  6. If BBQ parts are cast iron, these should be re-oiled and seasoned after cleaning.


For a list of ingredients, please see our Ingredient Disclosure page.

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    • ★★★★★5
      I was amazed with the BBQ and Grill Cleaner!

    • I was just gifted a Weber BBQ Grill from my father-in-law. It is a great grill, about 20 years old, well taken care of, but the interior was probably NEVER cleaned. You can imagine, after 20 years of burgers and steaks, there was quite a bit of build-up in there. I tried the foaming spray, let it sit for 10 minutes, and to my amazement there were chunks of old, built-up grease, etc. falling off of the grill. I sprayed it again, waited 10 minutes, then used my grill scraper on it and EVERYTHING came off easily. Even the huge swaths of grime just fell off. I will definitely be using this as a yearly cleaner on the grill. There were NO fumes and it was just so easy to use.
    • 05/28/2019 Anonymous Kaukauna, WI
    • ★★★★★5
      Grill cleaner

    • Product works great, grill had a lot of build up and the foam took care of it. Wiped right up
    • 05/24/2019 Anonymous Upper Marlboro, MD
    • ★★★★★5
      Really, Really works great!

    • My husband did the cleaning and said it was so easy and worked really fast! My BBQ looks new again. I highly recommend!
    • 05/20/2019 Anonymous CA
    • ★★★★★5
      Great Product

    • Works great, it foams up which was unexpected and very nice to see
    • 05/17/2019 Anonymous NJ