How to Clean Ceiling Fans
How to Clean Ceiling Fans


What You Need

  • Microfiber cloth
  • Can of compressed air (optional)

As seasons change, you may find yourself running your ceiling fans more often to circulate air and cool off a room. The more your fans circulate, the more dust they collect, and that build up can lead to noisy operation and eventually motor damage.

A ceiling fan can also house dust mites, especially if you’ve avoided dusting it. When a fan is on, it blows dust and mites all over the room. Dust mites are the most common household allergen, and their droppings can cause coughing, sneezing, stuffy nose, congestion and eye irritation.

To keep your fans working their best, we recommend cleaning the blades weekly to freshen up the look of the room and create a more breathable living space.

Baby wipes, alcohol, alkaline cleansers and abrasive cleaners can all stain or destroy the surface of your fan blades.

Simple Green Ready-To-Use All-Purpose Cleaner easily removes built-up dirt and dust and leaves behind a light sassafras scent.


Be sure your fan is completely turned off and at a complete stop before you begin cleaning.

  1. Remove dust. Slip an old pillow case over one blade and use it to wipe the dust off the sides, top and bottom. Your pillow case will catch all of the falling dust.
  2. Repeat. Repeat with the same pillow case for the rest of the fan blades.
  3. Empty dust. Turn your pillow case inside out over a trash can, and shake it out to remove the accumulated dust and dirt. Then you can simply wash it as usual.
  4. Apply Simple Green Ready-To-Use All-Purpose Cleaner Spray your Simple Green onto a cloth and wipe each blade to pick up any residual dust. Avoid bending, breaking or warping the blades by being careful not to press down too hard.
  5. Wipe surrounding parts. Spray more Simple Green onto your cloth and wipe the pull chain and the motor housing, as well as the light covers or glass globe.
TIP: Always make sure your fan is spinning in the right direction. Clockwise circulation warms a room, while counter-clockwise cools it.


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