Simple Green Donates To Tesoro High School
Simple Green Donates To Tesoro High School

Tesoro High School

Tesoro High School PTSA and ASB joined forces to organize a campus cleanup on Saturday.

The response from the community was outstanding! Close to 150 volunteers showed up to pull weeds, pick up trash, wash windows, sweep sidewalks, clean signs, wipe down tables and benches and lay several hundred pounds of ground cover.

Parents and students, along with members of Lions Heart, Key Club and the local LDS Church, came out to lend a hand and show their commitment to the community.

The Capistrano Unified School District office supplied a truckload of wood chips and plenty of gardening tools for volunteers to use. Simple Green donated cleaning materials and gloves for all volunteers.

"We are lucky to live in a community that works together. When you ask for help, you hope someone will show up. When almost 150 people show up, including the school principal, two assistant principals, the school's director of activities, teachers and church leaders, you can't help but feel a tremendous sense of gratitude and appreciation for the community. The cleanup was a success because of the community."

- Becky Wilkinson is the PTSA president at Tesoro High School.