Information is the professional's greatest weapon against unwanted contamination.
Maintenance and JanSan workers are the best line of defense professional facilities have against the spread of illness-causing pathogens. However, the importance of cleaning before disinfecting may be lost in the process, as employees aim to complete their tasks as quickly as possible. But failing to initially clean a surface or abide by a disinfectant's dwell time can lead to serious health risks. Cleaning a surface removes soils, while the disinfecting process is aimed at killing potentially dangerous micro-organisms.
How the "CBD" rule can keep your home healthy
Efficiency is the way of the world these days, but occasionally, "life hack" shortcuts can leave out critical steps in an important process. One such example is not cleaning before disinfecting. Many people correctly believe that disinfecting and cleaning naturally go hand-in-hand, but assume that disinfectants effectively clean a surface as well as eliminate germs. This is a dangerous misconception, and a shortcut which can expose your household to illness-causing pathogens. Why Clean First? The Food Standar
Nonprofit rescue facility will offer training, rehab, housing and more
Dog shelters are often a mixed bag for canines and prospective new pet adopters. Despite their importance to animals in need, facilities are frequently underfunded and consequentially understaffed, lacking necessary supplies for the vulnerable animals entrusted to their care. A tireless defender of animals, fitness celebrity and glamour model Viviana Soldano FaBrizio has devoted her life to providing rescue dogs with safe, loving homes. Alongside her husband and biggest sponsor Bruce FaBrizio (Founder and CEO of Simple Green),
A post-pandemic world demands a new look at home cleaning standards
In the wake of a worldwide pandemic, changes in public behavior are expected. From commuting to shopping for household necessities, our actions have changed to reflect the need for more cautious and germ-conscious activity. Our cleaning habits are changing as well, and the general public is is far m
Four new professional-grade products arriving at Lowe's
Sunshine Makers Inc, creators of environmentally-friendly cleaning products Simple Green, has announced the launch of the new Lowe's Simple Green Pro Line - a new collection of professional-grade cleaning and disinfecting products. This four-product collection will be exclusive to Lowe's retailers. &