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Share Your Story

The EGBAR Foundation Wants To Hear From You

Simple Green is a proud supporter of the EGBAR Foundation. EGBAR, which stands for "Everything's Gonna Be All Right," was created in 1989 by Simple Green CEO and Founder Bruce FaBrizio.

For over 25 years, the main focus of the program has been on educating the next generation on the importance of protecting our environment. The programs and donations made by the EGBAR Foundation range from sponsoring exhibits on conservation at science centers, to developing hands-on educational materials enabling teachers to drive active learning, to providing necessary funds and equipment for critically underfunded activities and programs.

EGBAR has made life-changing impacts on children near and far by remaining true to the belief that small local initiatives can have significant global impact.

According to FaBrizio, "There is time to make the world a better place for our grandchildren if we just start doing things that are within our abilities today." The EGBAR Foundation is committed to identifying the changes we can make today in order to create a better future for generations to come.

The EGBAR Foundation is currently gathering stories from those who have benefitted from their programs. If you have been a recipient of a donation made by the EGBAR Foundation, please consider sharing your story.