Why Outdoor Pet Odors Are Persistent (and How to Remove Them)

Our pets are family, but the smells they leave behind can ruin outdoor fun. As BBQ and pool season arrives, the warmer weather tends to intensify odors. You can't party with a poop smell! Even worse, these offending odors can waft inside from the garden or yard, creating an inescapable nuisance to the nose inside the house.

Eliminating those unwanted odors can be tough, because urine, feces and vomit from your pet can work into more absorbent surfaces like gravel, grass and artificial turf, penetrating deeply. Your patio and deck are susceptible as well - harder surfaces such as concrete and wood are still porous, giving odor-causing bacteria plenty of space to thrive. And if your pet detects even the faintest odor, it is likely to re-mark the spot.

To really get these odors out, you'll want to make sure you're eliminating them, not just covering up the smell, as many masking agents do. You'll need a cleaning product with enzymes to break down the soils as well as live bacteria to eat what's causing those tough smells.

Sometimes life gives you lemons, and you may have to deal with the unfortunate - and overwhelming - odor of skunk spray or a dead animal on your property. These odors are extremely unpleasant (to put it mildly!), and typical cleaning methods are unlikely to remove the stench.

Many household remedies such as lime, bleach or ammonia can be dangerous to your pet's health. But you don't have to use harsh or toxic chemicals to effectively remove those olfactory offenders.

Simple Green Outdoor Odor Eliminator is designed for non-toxic odor removal, with safe, naturally-occurring bacterial microbes that eliminate odors at the source without harming your pets or plants.

The live microbes will continue to multiply and eat the odor source as long as they stay moist, so you'll want to apply the product when it's cool – or even better, in the evening around sunset. That way, the microbes won't dry quickly, and can remain moist and active until they've completely eliminated the source of your smell.

Remember, the longer bacteria stays active, the deeper they'll clean. For warmer climates, and when cleaning more absorbent or textured surfaces such as your lawn or gravel, it will help to lightly mist the surface with water about an hour after application. You don't want to heavily water the area, as that will rinse them away. Just a light mist is all it takes.

The same powerful, naturally-derived microorganisms which neutralize and eliminate odors outdoors are also employed in Simple Green Bio Dog and Simple Green Cat Stain and Odor Remover products for indoor messes. These safer, biodegradable and non-toxic formulas will not harm people, pets or surfaces as they lift unpleasant cat urine odors, dog urine odors and other smells like urine, stool and vomit.

Keep it clean with Simple Green!