Nrha Scholarships
Nrha Scholarships

Simple Green Sponsors NRHA Scholarships

Sunshine Makers, Inc., makers of the Simple Green line of household and industrial cleaning products, is pleased to be one of five companies to provide scholarships for 2015 attendees of the NRHA Retail Management Certification Program. A total of 17 one-half scholarships will be provided by manufacturers and wholesalers that have stepped forward as leaders to support the success of worthy independent hardware retailers.

The scholarships awarded will be applied toward a retail management course created by independent retailers for independent retailers, in conjunction with Butler University. The NRHA Management Certification Program is an in-depth, college-level leadership and management program designed to help trainees develop the skills necessary to meet the competitive market and grow their business as a whole. Professional instructors will provide students with an indispensable, one-of-a-kind educational experience that will ensure them practical leadership and retail management skills.

Simple Green agrees with NRHA President and CEO, Bill Lee, when he states, "[Retailers] are the vital link to the millions of consumers that manufacturers and wholesalers need in order to sell their products." Suppliers are constantly in search of ways to help their retailers succeed in the marketplace, and simultaneously struggling with an independent retail division that is in dire need of a new generation of qualified, talented management successors.

Simple Green hopes its contribution will make the NRHA Management Certification Program more affordable for the future leaders of retail organizations. Innovation can only grow so much without a knowledgeable and devoted base of hardware managers and retailers working to extend its impact.