Unique Non-Corrosive Chemistry Delivers Superior Cleaning and Materials Safety

Huntington Beach, CA - Simple Green is proud to announce the next generation in precision parts and materials cleaning - Extreme Simple Green® Precision Equipment Cleaner offers non-corrosive cleaning performance, ready biodegradability, low toxicity and easy disposal all in one product. Extreme Simple Green Precision Equipment Cleaner is perfect for cars, trucks, watercraft, aircraft, motorcycles, ATVs, RVs, aluminum trailers, parts and tools, engines, clear-coated rims, vehicle exteriors, and for maintenance and repair operations, parts washers, pressure washers, entry into oil-water separators, sumps and bilges. This advanced, non-corrosive formula removes brake dust, graphite, petroleum greases, coolants, transmission and radiator fluids, greasy soils, stubborn black streaks, tar and asphalt, metal working fluids, mud and clay, plant and animal oils, tree sap, bugs, bird droppings, and more.

"We've found no other cleaning product on the market that matches Extreme Simple Green's cleaning performance," states Bruce FaBrizio, the Founder and President of Sunshine Makers, Inc., the makers of Simple Green products. "For years, original Simple Green had been used for aircraft cleaning. However, the lack of meeting an aircraft cleaning spec was limiting its use in this industry. With Extreme Simple Green Precision Equipment Cleaner, we've given our customers a solution to this problem while meeting the highly effective cleaning standards of the entire Simple Green line of products. And it's the perfect solution for cleaning much more than just aircraft - everything from cars, trucks and engines to RVs, boats and trailers."

Extreme Simple Green gets its superior cleaning ability from a unique trio of ingredients. Two high performance surfactants and a new generation grease cutter/lifter combine to pull soil away from surfaces quickly and then keep it suspended so that it can be cleanly rinsed away. Extreme Simple Green's speed of grease-cutting and its high capacity to hold grease, oil and soils in solution during cleaning and rinsing are the keys to its excellent cleaning ability. In addition, Extreme then has a quick-break ability to release grease and oil once it enters a oil-water separator, sump or clarifier.

Extreme Simple Green offers an excellent safety profile via low toxicity and non-flammable ingredients. In addition, Extreme Simple Green is readily biodegradable per OECD 301D and 302B testing. Because it acts as a quick break emulsifier, it can enter oil-water separators and clarifiers without disrupting the proper functioning of these common waste disposal systems. Extreme Simple Green contains no Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAPs), is not an RCRA waste in and of itself, and meets current VOC requirements when used according to label instructions. It is non-toxic (per OECD oral toxicity calc. method) and readily biodegradable (per OECD 301D&OECD 302B tests); non-hazardous, non-corrosive and clean-rinsing; fragrance- and color-free.

Extreme Simple Green has been tested for the following:

  • Conforms to: F 1110 Sandwich Corrosion -neat and 10%; ASTM F 484 Acrylic Crazing -neat and 10%; ASTM F 502 Paint Softening -neat and 10%; ASTM F 519-93 Hydrogen Embrittlement -neat and 10%
  • Conforms to: ASTM F 945 Stress Corrosion @ 1:5; ARP 1755B Stock Loss @ 1:5
  • Conforms to: AMS 1526B Total Immersion Corrosion @ 1:13
  • Conforms to: the following portions of Mil-Prf 87937D, Type IV Heavy Duty, Water Dilutable Cleaning Compound: Chemical Requirements; Residue Rinsibility; Physical Properties; Hydrogen Embrittlement; Total Immersion Corrosion; Effects on Unpainted Metal Surfaces; Sandwich Corrosion; Wet Adhesion Tape Test; Effects on Painted Surfaces; Stress Crazing; Hot Dip Galvanizing Corrosion; Polysulfide Sealants; & Rubber Compatibility.
  • Product tests show additional materials compatibility with: AMS 5544 Waspaloy; AMS 5536 Hastaloy X; AMS 5608 Haynes 108; AMS 5508 Greek Astoloy; AMS 6539 4340-Steel; AMS 4037 2024-T3 Aluminum; AMS 4375 AZ31B-0 Magnesium; AMS 7267 Rings, Sealing Silicon Rubber; AMS 7271 Rings, Sealing, Butadiene-Acrylonitrile Rubber; AMS 7273 Rings, Sealing, Fluorosilicone Rubber; AMS 7276 Rings, Sealing, Flurocarbon Rubber
The above testing was performed by Scientific Materials International, Inc. Test data available on request.

After a great deal of success in the aircraft industry and the realization that these high tech surfaces are also used in other industries, a cross-over into motor sports, garage and precision equipment cleaning is beginning to take shape. Extreme Simple Green is safe and effective for use on ATV's, motorcycles, 4x4's, boats, RV's as well as aftermarket equipment and parts. The aluminum, high tech alloys, plastics and rubber used for both high end and stock motor sports equipment is safely and thoroughly cleaned.