Here's how the EPA helps you make safer choices in cleaning products.

The EPA Safer Choice label makes it easy for people to choose safer cleaning products.

Safer Choice is the EPA's program of evaluating and designating products that are safer for families, pets, workplaces and the environment. Every ingredient in a product being considered for Safer Choice is evaluated through EPA's rigorous scientific process, and must meet all of the criteria outlined in their standard. Safer Choice partners are also regularly audited for continued compliance and evaluated for continued improvement.

When consumers see the Safer Choice label on a product, it means that EPA's scientific review team evaluated every ingredient against their standard for potential human health and environmental effects. Safer Choice products do not contain known chemicals of potential concern, like carcinogens, reproductive or developmental toxicants - and even minor components, like dyes and fragrances, are screened for safety. For over 15 years, the program has identified products that are safer for families, pets, workplaces, neighborhoods and the environment.

The Safer Choice program considers companies who make products that qualify for the Safer Choice label to be leaders in safer product development and sustainability, and Simple Green is proud to be one of them. Simple Green All-Purpose Cleaner and Simple Green Industrial Cleaner & Degreaser (Original, Lavender and Lemon Scents) as well as Simple Green's line of Oxy Solve pressure washer concentrates are now recognized as Safer Choice products for their use of safer chemistry. Learn more about Simple Green's Safer Choice products.

We believe that the EPA Safer Choice program helps communicate our environmental commitment. That symbol just isn't just a generic leaf or a plant that a designer added. It represents a program that helps consumers know what they're buying.

Simple Green: 2018 U.S. EPA Safer Choice Partner of the Year

The Safer Choice Partner of the Year awards recognize the leadership contributions of Safer Choice partners and stakeholders who have shown outstanding achievement in the design, manufacturing, promotion, and use of Safer Choice-certified products over the past year.

"For more than 45 years Simple Green has stayed true to its founding mission - to provide high quality, environmentally safer cleaning products. And we will never waiver from it," explains Simple Green founder and CEO Bruce FaBrizio. "We're proud that our All-Purpose Cleaner is an EPA Safer Choice product and that Simple Green has been selected as an EPA Safer Choice Partner of the Year. It's proof that this company can be trusted at its word."

Direct Release: A Higher Safer Choice Standard

The EPA Safer Choice recognition goes a step further for products which meeting even more rigorous criteria. Direct Release is an additional set of standards intended for products used outdoors, which are likely to bypass sewage treatment, limiting the time for degradation prior to entering sensitive environments.

These more stringent Direct Release standards are designed by the EPA to protect aquatic life and other sensitive environments. Any ingredient possessing aquatic toxicity values <10 mg/L are not allowed in Safer Choice Direct Release products. Additional mandatory criteria includes bioaccumulation, biodegradation and product performance data.

Simple Green Oxy Solve products qualify for Direct Release designation, having tested environmentally safer for outdoor use. They are safer for contact with oceans, lakes, rivers, streams, ponds and dry land, when outdoor-use rinsing can't go to sewer treatment.

Having met the strictest aquatic toxicity, biodegradability and bioaccumulation standards, Oxy Solve products provide safer, high-performance cleaning and stain removal. They apply using a phosphate-free formula that removes tough, ground-in and built-up grime and then dissipates quickly for easier rinsing, helping to limit water use. The natural power of peroxide safely breaks down soils, eliminates stains, brightens and rejuvenates without hazardous or abrasive chemicals. The biodegradable formulas are landscape safe, so they will not harm lawns, plants or trees. They're also orally non-toxic and of exceedingly low aquatic toxicity, making them safer for use around humans, pets, fish and wildlife.

Simple Green Oxy Solve products provide professional grade results without damage to surfaces or the environment.

Learn more about the U.S. EPA's Safer Choice designation.