Amore For Dogs Rescue Dog Haven
Amore For Dogs Rescue Dog Haven

Amore For Dogs Builds a Lasting Legacy With New Dog Haven Sanctuary

Dog shelters are often a mixed bag for canines and prospective new pet adopters. Despite their importance to animals in need, facilities are frequently underfunded and consequentially understaffed, lacking necessary supplies for the vulnerable animals entrusted to their care.

A tireless defender of animals, fitness celebrity and glamour model Viviana Soldano FaBrizio has devoted her life to providing rescue dogs with safe, loving homes. Alongside her husband and biggest sponsor Bruce FaBrizio (Founder and CEO of Simple Green), she founded Amore For Dogs, a 501 c3 non-profit foundation dedicated to rescuing dogs and finding them "forever home" families.

Amore For Dogs is a dedicated community of concerned individuals who donate their time, effort and money to support animal rescue, rehabilitation and awareness. Mrs. Fabrizo explains, "My love for dogs inspired me to found Amore For Dogs, to dedicate my time and use my professional experience to help animals find loving homes and get the care they need."

The organization's primary focus is driving animal adoptions and raising medical care funding for shelter dogs. Their ongoing support for shelter and rehabilitation centers has created a worldwide network of goodwill and appreciation for the Amore For Dogs founding mission.

For Viviana, attention to detail is everything, and she is committed to accountability in animal rescue organizations. She personally oversees every aspect of the Amore For Dogs operation, outlining specific intent for donations to shelters and rescue aid. This hands-on approach is reflected in the subtlest of ways; visitors will notice a decorative adornment of butterflies alongside many Amore For Dogs displays, an association Viviana makes with her beloved late bichon frise Amore, the foundation's namesake.

"Amore was my everything, and I lost a part of my heart when she died," Viviana recalls. "I would see butterflies all the time in the places she loved, and they still seem to be with me often. I like to think it's a little message of love from Amore, and so I like to include them in design decoration, promotional materials and some of the photography that we do."

As the foundation provided critically needed support to various shelters over the years, Viviana felt a calling to a more ambitious dream – one that would enable her and the foundation to not only rescue dogs in need, but to rehabilitate, train and re-home them in a beautiful habitat. This began the journey of establishing an all-inclusive Dog Haven facility.

Located in Newport Beach, CA, the state-of-the-art sanctuary is currently in development for an expected 2021 opening. The Dog Haven will offer dogs a cage-free existence, featuring a large dog pool, two parks lined by a beautiful collection of fruitless olive trees, and an adjacent veranda offering outdoor shade for the dogs to lounge.

The Dog Haven will also feature on-site veterinary facilities, as well as comprehensive grooming and training areas. "Every inch of the property has been designed for the best experience possible for dogs," explains Mrs. FaBrizio.

Small and elderly dogs will have their own designated-care areas, while all dogs at the sanctuary will receive daily training & activities sessions in addition to weekly wellness treatments, pool training and even spa days.

Animals housed at the Dog Haven will be available for adoption, while others will be trained as service & therapy dogs. A maximum of 15 dogs will be kept onsite at a time, to ensure focused attention, with appointments-only openings to the public. Occasional public days will offer private pool use for people to bring their dogs and experience a variety of the things the Dog Haven facility has to offer.

"This dog sanctuary is the result of so many years of hard work, and always believing in my vision for saving and caring for these beautiful creatures," explains Viviana. "We are so excited to share this sanctuary with the world, when it's ready to care for animals in need."

Amore For Dogs can often be seen working side by side with their partners Simple Green and the EGBAR foundation. Together they help to raise awareness about the impact that toxic chemicals used in the pet industry have on our environment, and to promote safer options and raise money and awareness for pets in need.

If you'd like to help & support this great cause, please visit A full line of canine bath products are also available for purchase on the site, including hydrating shampoo, skin calming shampoo and leave-in conditioner – all of which feature natural ingredients. Purchase of these products will directly aid in the construction and operation of the new Amore For Dogs facility.