2014 Sustainability Report
2014 Sustainability Report

Simple Green Releases 2014 GRI G4 Sustainability Report

Sunshine Makers, Inc., the company behind the well-known Simple Green line of household and industrial cleaning products, has published its 2014 Corporate Sustainability Report for the 2013 reporting year. The company is among few privately held organizations that have applied the latest framework of the Global Reporting Initiative, the G4 guidelines.

The Simple Green report, which has been assured by ISOS Group (http://isosgroup.com/), an independent third party, has been published on the company's website. In conjunction with the release of its sustainability report, Sunshine Makers Inc. has also submitted its first public CDP supply chain response, disclosing greenhouse gas emissions data for 2012 and 2013.

The reporting effort is a critical component of the sustainability strategy launched by President and CEO Bruce FaBrizio and his team of Sunshine Makers in 2013. In response to a dramatically changing landscape in risk management and corporate accountability, the emergence of troubling social and environmental hotspots and a clear trend towards supply chain transparency, the company decided to formalize and expand its commitment to the environment and communities that has spanned nearly four decades.

Simple Green's Sustainability Report discloses energy and water consumption, waste generation and diversion, greenhouse gas emissions, employment statistics, supply chain sustainability efforts and community initiatives. Programs and goals were developed through stakeholder engagement and a structured process to determine impacts that are material to the organization. Constanze Duke, Simple Green's Sustainability Director, emphasizes that reporting was not about marketing the company's achievements. "We made a concerted effort to present our accomplishments alongside areas we definitely need to work on. Our goal was to provide a balanced account of our sustainability initiatives and in the process, we've really learned a lot more about ourselves, our business partners and our customers" she says.

Simple Green's creative team developed the graphic format in house. Krissy Danforth, Graphic Designer at Simple Green says, "We wanted to present the information in a clear and concise, yet interesting format, while staying true to who we are."