Clean Before Disinfecting: A Critical Two-Step Process

How the "CBD" rule can keep your home healthy
With cold and flu season kicking into high gear, and the very contagious Delta variant further prolonging the COVID-19 pandemic, we thought it was the perfect time to revisit a very important topic… CBD. What's "CBD" you ask? CBD stands for "Clean Before Disinfecting", and it's a critical concept to understand if you want to effectively eliminate illness-causing germs in your workplace or home. How The "CBD" Rule Helps Keep You Healthy Did you know that cold and flu viruses and other germs can remain active for

Thanksgiving Cleanup Guide: 10 Stains Made Easy

Tips for the worst Thanksgiving spills and messes.
Everyone's excited for the big feast on Thanksgiving, but holiday meals often mean a series of spills, stains and accidents that can ruin a tablecloth, clothing, carpet and more. There's no shortage of stain-lifting cleaning hacks, but you only need one product to lift those tough Turkey Day messes from washable surfaces: Simple Green All-Purpo

Everything You Need to Know About Pressure Washers

Pressure Washing 101
Putting your thumb over the end of a garden hose is good for rinsing debris and clearing surface dirt, but it's no substitute for the pressure or cleaning power of a pressure washer machine. Pressure washing eliminates the buildup and growth that contributes to deep stains, decay, and the erosion of coatings and structural materials. The pressure washing process is a bit more involved than simply getting a machine and blasting away the grime. It's possible to cause significant, visible damage in the form of pitting,

5 St. Patrick's Day Disaster Remedies

Here's how to remove those green-dyed stains, spills and gross messes on St. Patricks Day!
St. Patrick's Day is the one time of year where everyone gets to be Irish for a day in the most animated of ways, wearing green clothes adorned with shamrocks, eating green-dyed foods, and enjoying green-tinted beverages. Even thoug

Your Ultimate Indoor Spring-Cleaning Checklist

Get Your Home Clean With Simple Green
The hardest part of Spring cleaning is often the first step. With so many tasks to accomplish, simply figuring out where to begin and getting into action can make the project a daunting challenge. That's where a well-planned checklist can make all the difference. For many, the sweet satisfaction of checking an item off the list when it's been completed is enough incentive to make one! Check out your Ultimate Indoor Spring-Cleaning Checklist, broken down by interior rooms for your convenience. And remember, knowing