18th Annual Egbar Golf Tournament
18th Annual Egbar Golf Tournament

18th Annual EGBAR Foundation Golf Tournament

Another incredible year of fundraising has commenced for the EGBAR Foundation, as it released its donations of over $120,000 to more than 40 educational and athletic programs across the country this month.

The proceeds raised by the 18th Annual EGBAR Foundation Golf Tournament will further support the education of younger generations about the importance of protecting the environment. This year's beneficiaries include: Brethren Christian Junior and Senior High School, Edison High School, Lakewood High School, Leffingwell Elementary School, Mt. San Antonio College, Portola Hills Elementary School, South High School, the Tesoro Lacrosse Booster Club, and many more.

All proceeds raised through the tournament will go directly to the selected facilities, courtesy of Simple Green®, who covered all event costs and provided an enthusiastic volunteer group to facilitate it.

Founded in 1989 by Simple Green Founder and CEO Bruce FaBrizio, the EGBAR Foundation supports environmental education and action through school curricula and educational programs throughout North America. EGBAR stands for "Everything's Gonna Be All Right", a thought process that FaBrizio believes is beneficial in all aspects of life. The foundation advocates a "think global, act local" approach to instituting change, showing youth firsthand how they can make a difference.

"With the help of Simple Green and generous donations made by people all over the world, the EGBAR Foundation has succeeded in raising and donating over $6 million to environmental education programs, clean-up projects, and disaster relief," FaBrizio proudly reflects. "It's a commitment that the foundation has made and will continue. The money should be spent where it counts the most, on educating and empowering today's youth."

Over the past 25 years the EGBAR Foundation has helped to remove thousands of tons of trash from communities and waterways, replant acres of native plants and trees, support countless environmental awareness programs, and encourage thousands of children to be compassionate when it comes to our planet. The foundation hosts its own events in addition to working in conjunction with conservation corps, wildlife rescue and rehabilitation centers, school boards and community groups, helping to instill the belief that making a difference is always possible, no matter how small the effort may seem.

Sunshine Makers, Inc. extends a wholehearted thank you to all who participated and contributed to the 18th Annual EGBAR Foundation Golf Tournament. This type of teamwork enables the foundation to move forward in its efforts to encourage younger generations to be compassionate about our planet.