How to Remove Adhesive from Plastic
How to Remove Adhesive from Plastic


Are you dealing with sticker frustration? Manufacturers offer high-strength adhesives to keep their labels in place, resulting in strong molecular bonds which can make removal a tedious process. Peeling the tickers by hand can result in an unsightly, half-torn mess requiring further work.

Commercial adhesive removers often contain toxic chemicals which can harm surfaces or people. Other do-it-yourself remedies, such as using a razor, nail polish remover, a blow dryer or lubricant to remove the adhesive, can potentially damage the plastic. Popular “stain eraser” scrubbing pads made of melamine foam are too abrasive. Similar to very fine sandpaper, the pad works by removing a thin layer of the surface it’s scrubbing, miraculously “erasing the stain, but likely leaving a visibly dull area where it rubbed off the top layer of plastic.

Instead, we recommend using a non-abrasive cleaning and degreasing wipe. Simple Green Heavy-Duty Towels’ surfactant technology penetrates the molecular bonds that hold the adhesive in place, allowing easy removal without toxic chemicals or abrasive fibers.


  1. Wipe or scrub the surface with Simple Green Professional Grade Heavy-Duty Towels until the adhesive is fully removed.

  2. Toss used towel into trash.

  3. If removing adhesive from a high-gloss surface, use a damp microfiber cloth to wipe down the area completely after cleaning.

  4. Rinse hands after use.


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