Laundry Detergent Booster
Laundry Detergent Booster


From ground-in grass stains on denim to soaking wet towels, from delicate pajamas to cloth diapers, we depend on our washing machines to handle both our dirtiest spots and our softest materials. But if you notice your laundry coming out just as dirty as it was when you put it in, there may be an underlying problem with your detergent, the way you're washing, or your actual machine. Over time, this can cause unnecessary damage to fabrics, affect how your clothes fit and more.

It's possible that the laundry detergent you're using is not compatible with your machine. If you use regular detergent with a high-efficiency (HE) machine, certain detergents will create too many suds. These suds, as well as using too little or too much soap in general, can leave a residue on your clothes. On top of that, putting too big of a load of laundry in your machine at a time means there won't be enough water to thoroughly clean your clothes, and they will come out dirty.

Baking soda is a popular natural cleaning element, but over time, its alkalinity mixed with the machine's water can cause permanent damage to stainless steel drum components. Hydrogen peroxide is a lot like bleach in that it whitens whites and brightens colors, but it won't do much in terms of cleaning dirt and removing residue from your fabrics. Lastly, you may reach for the dish soap in times of dirty clothes desperation, but even a tiny bit too much in a front-loading washing machine is likely to cause a foam overflow.

In order for your washing machine to do its job effectively, it needs regular care and attention just like any other machine. If left untreated for too long, leftover detergent residue, dirt, soap scum and hard water accumulation may hinder your machine's cleaning performance. A clean machine looks newer, smells fresh, and most importantly, works more effectively.

Simple Green All-Purpose Cleaner increases the performance of any laundry detergent when you're struggling to remove laundry stains from clothes. Using Simple Green on clothes removes the dirt and grime that leave behind tough stains and cause overall dinginess. It can also be used to clean the inside and outside of your washing machine. Click here to learn how to clean a conventional washing machine, and here for H.E. directions.

Laundry Detergent Booster & Stain Remover

When in doubt about an item of clothing, always spot test the material first in a place that won't be visible.

For Top-Loading, Traditional Washing Machines:

  1. Start washing machine and add your usual detergent.
  2. Add full strength Simple Green All-Purpose Cleaner.
    1. Add ¼ cup for normal loads.
    2. Add ½ cup for heavily soiled laundry or clothes permeated with smoke, and soak for 30 minutes prior to washing.
  3. Add soiled clothing and wash as usual.

For HE Washing Machines:

  1. Wet the stained area with water.
  2. Pre-treat by spraying full strength Simple Green All-Purpose Cleaner onto the stains.
  3. Rub the fabric against itself to work the Simple Green into the fibers.
  4. Immediately wash as usual.


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