Simple Green's® Chemical Safety Survey service helps pinpoint and eliminate hazardous materials in the workplace. This supply integration tool is conducted on site at end-user facilities. The distributor salesperson, often accompanied by a Simple Green Representative, completes a Survey Worksheet, noting all areas where hazardous, costly and inefficient products are currently on hand. The compiled data is then expanded to a full Chemical Safety Survey, explaining the safer features of the alternative Simple Green cleaning products and equipment, and the benefits of their use.

Benefits of the Chemical Safety Survey include:

Inventory Consolidation
» Simple Green and your distributor offer one source for your integrated supply chemical needs.
» Local service assures immediate availability and expert advice in order to eliminate the hazardous chemicals your plant currently purchases.

» Inventory consolidation and proper dilution practices create long term savings for your company.

Quality of Brand
» Simple Green is the leader in environmentally friendly chemicals for industrial and institutional needs. For over 35 years, Simple Green has utilized the insight and expertise of numerous independent research and testing institutions to document the remarkable safety and performance of Simple Green's family of products.

Safer Systems Approach
» Simple Green and your distributor utilize a systems approach to your plant's unique needs. The proper "delivery" of safer products lowers your company's risk of workers compensation claims by providing safer products at the properly recommended use-dilutions. This type of company methodology can help address OSHA's Voluntary Protection Program (VPP), which requires your company to manage the main elements of all safety and health programs, as they are implemented in your workplace.

For more information about the Chemical Safety Survey Service, please contact Simple Green's Industrial/Institutional Sales Division by e-mail or call 800-932-3292.