Simple Green Clean Building® Bathroom Cleaner


    Simple Green Clean Building® Bathroom Cleaner

    Removes dirt, soap scum, and hard water stains without harsh chemicals. Meets the Green Seal GS-37 Standard. Qualifies for LEED green building points. Great for bathrooms, locker rooms, spa facilities, hotels, schools, government facilities, and more.

    • Powerful cleaner for bathrooms, locker rooms, spas, and more
    • Removes mineral-based soils, soap scum, and hard water stains
    • Meets Green Seal™ GS-37 Standard
    • Cleans quickly and effectively without heavy scrubbing
    • Meets LEED building compliant cleaning
    • Concentrated formula can be diluted to save money
    • Buffered organic salt formula, contains no harsh chemicals
    • Won't degrade metals, plastics, porcelain, ceramics, and mor

    1. Dilute one part concentrate to 20 parts ambient water.
    2. Spray or wet the area to be cleaned. Work in manageable sections if cleaning a large area.
    3. Wait several minutes to allow the cleaner to work. Scrub or agitate for stubborn build-up if necessary.
    4. Wipe the cleaned surface with a damp mop or cloth and allow surfaces to dry before resuming use of the area.

    For a list of ingredients, please see our Ingredients Disclosure page.

    Compliance Documentation

    In accordance with OSHA standards, Safety Data Sheets are available for all Simple Green Products.