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Pro Series Simple Green® MAX
Pro Series Simple Green® MAX
Pro Series Simple Green MAX was developed especially for the automotive enthusiast, regardless of what kind of auto-care or clean-up you're doing. Pro Series Simple Green MAX contains no ammonia or alcohol, is VOC compliant, and is non-flammable and non-abrasive. Most importantly, it's non-toxic and readily biodegradable, to ensure care is taken with our environment, as well as with our recreational vehicles and automotive equipment.

Where To Use

Pro Series Simple Green MAX is great for cleaning grease off of tools, work benches, shop floors and doors, and cleaning grease and grime from oil pans and wash basins. It cuts through brake dust, rubber marks, oxidized paint, road tar, bug juice and oil trails on grills, headlamps, bumpers, and leading or trailing edges of trucks, vans, trailers, motor homes, RVs, motorcycles, and more.