Simple Green® Liberty Sprayer

Simple Green® Liberty Sprayer

The Liberty Sprayer is a chemical spray applicator for projecting ready-to-use chemical solution on to a variety of surfaces. This unit features a stainless steel enclosure and uses a cost-effective Flojet air-operated, double-diaphragm pump to draw prediluted chemical from a user-supplied tank. The solution is then discharged through the hose, wand and fan pattern spray nozzle. Includes 2 nozzles projecting a low or medium volume spray.

  • Draws pre-diluted chemical from a user-supplied tank
  • Cost-effective Flojet AODD pump (Santoprene diaphragms)
  • The chemical flow rate is regulated to match the mid-range of the air pump's specified operating range which protects the pump from running, repetitively, at maximum capacity
  • Alternate nozzles to project a low or medium volume fan pattern spray
  • Powered solely by compressed air
  • Corrosion resistant wetted components ensure durability and years of reliable service
  • Available as a portable unit

Additional Information

Includes: Lockable, stainless steel pump enclosure; air inlet ball valve and regulator/filter; flojet 1/4" AODD pump; 50' discharge hose, stainless steel ball valve

Product Documentation

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