How To Control Bathroom Odor
How To Control Bathroom Odor


What You Need

One sign of a well-run business is a seemingly never-ending supply of customers. However, a lot of customers mean a lot of public restroom use. Despite your best efforts, solutions such as air fresheners, urinal screens, and regular cleaning and disinfecting can only help so much in odor control.

Inadequate ventilation is just one of the major causes of commercial restroom odors. Excessive moisture in the air promotes microorganism growth, which can then lead to the said odor problem. You can remedy this by opening windows whenever possible and using exhaust fans.

Another source of bad bathroom smells can be the floor drains that many commercial restrooms have to catch toilet overflow. If a stench is coming from the floor drain in your restroom, the P-trap under the drain is likely dry. A proper water barrier will need to be re-established by adding water and cleaning solution to the drain.

Lastly, as much as we don't want to think about it, a mist emanates each time you flush a toilet or urinal and coats the surrounding partitions, walls, and flooring. As this mist builds up on surfaces, it eventually gives off a bad smell.

Eliminating odor everywhere from floor drains to toilet partitions will take a lot more than a cup of vinegar or a couple of drops of essential oils. Professional grade Simple Green Pro Odor Eliminator is a long-lasting, concentrated odor neutralizer for wet or dry surfaces both indoors and outdoors. It uses advanced natural enzymes and microorganisms to neutralize odors in public transportation, dumpster, farm, animal quarter, and commercial bathroom odor control.

Pro Odor Eliminator is available in a trigger sprayer, hose-end sprayer, and a refill gallon. Use the trigger to apply to smaller, more targeted spots like a toilet bowl. The hose-end is perfect for spraying down large areas quickly.

Directions for Controlling Bathroom Odor:

  1. Prepare the area. Remove any solid, odor-causing material.
  2. Shake the Simple Green Pro Odor Eliminator container well.
  3. Mix your Simple Green solution. The Pro Odor Eliminator trigger is ready-to-use and requires no dilution. If you're mixing your own solution using the gallon, follow these guidelines:
    1. For stronger odors or higher temperatures, mix a 1:1 dilution.
    2. For medium-strong odors, mix a 1:3 dilution.
    3. For medium-weak odors, mix a 1:18 dilution.
    4. For weaker odors or cooler temperatures, mix a 1:16 dilution.
  4. Apply your solution. Wet all affected surfaces and let the solution soak for as long as possible. Applying at dusk can provide the longest damp time.
  5. Allow the area to dry. Once the surface has dried, lightly mist with water within 12 hours for reactivation. After 24 hours, if the odor remains, a repeat application may be necessary.
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