Bruce FaBrizio
Thirty-seven years ago, my father and I developed a cleaning product that would work on heavy soils but, be much safer than the highly hazardous chemical agents we saw being used in industrial cleaning at the time. The resulting formula, Simple Green, has since grown to be a global benchmark for effective, yet safer cleaning and degreasing.

In 2012 - 2013, I am introducing a new, innovative formula that will continue our tradition of rock-solid efficacy married with benign health, safety, and environmental qualities.

If you see a star beside the UPC barcode on your package of Simple Green, you are holding my "new MO" - a Molecular–Optimized surfactant combined with an optimized builder package that has exceeded my goal of providing a product that would still clean as well, yet offer the same or better safety and health pedigree as my original formula.

I know you will be very happy with the ability of this optimized Simple Green to continue providing you the cleaning power you need, while offering great health, safety and environmental credentials, as always. And, if you're new to Simple Green, you’re in for a great cleaning experience.

Please take a look at the Data Sheets and the 3rd party verification of our safety and health credentials, and, as always, know that I still stand behind my product with a full satisfaction guarantee.


Bruce P. FaBrizio
Founder, President, and C.E.O.
Sunshine Makers, Inc. / SIMPLE GREEN


*Various other Simple Green products that are based off of the same ingredients (at different ingredient volumes and/or with different colorant and/or fragrance additives) share the same claims verification through bridging principles.