How To Control Dumpster Odor
How To Control Dumpster Odor


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There is a very good chance your facility or business has experienced foul odors emanating from your trash collection area, especially if you are in the food handling industry. The bad smells that we associate with trash bins and dumpsters come from organic waste, which is the decaying banana peels, raw meats, dirty diapers, and myriad other garbage odors.

There are a few preventative steps you can take to get smells out of your dumpsters. First, it's essential that you make sure all the trash is tied up and thrown out in sturdy garbage bags. Second, you should do your best to keep liquids out of the garbage and "air out" your dumpsters whenever possible, as odor-causing bacteria thrive in moist, warm environments.

Lastly, you can eliminate odors by using the appropriate products, but getting rid of dumpster smells will take a lot more than a few cups of cat litter or baking soda. Professional grade Simple Green Pro Odor Eliminator is a long-lasting, concentrated odor neutralizer for wet or dry surfaces indoors and outdoors. It uses advanced natural enzymes and microorganisms to neutralize and absorb odors in public transportation, farms, animal quarters, bathrooms, and dumpsters.

Directions for Controlling Dumpster Odor:

  1. Prepare the area. Remove any solid, odor-causing material.
  2. Shake the Simple Green Pro Odor Eliminator container well.
    1. Gallon container:
      1. For stronger odors, enclosed areas, or higher temperatures, mix a 1:1 dilution (½ gallon of Pro Odor Eliminator with ½ gallon of water)
      2. For medium-strong odors, mix a 1:3 dilution (1 quart of Pro Odor with 3 quarts of water)
      3. For medium-weak odors, mix a 1:18 dilution (1 quart of Pro Odor with 2 gallons of water)
      4. For weaker odors, outdoor areas, or cooler temperatures, mix a 1:16 dilution (4 ounces of Pro Odor with 1 gallon of water)
    2. Hose-end sprayer: Fill the hose-end sprayer with full strength Pro Odor Eliminator from the gallon container. Point the nozzle away from your face and attach your hose to the back end. Turn the hose on slowly and use low to moderate water pressure. Press the bottle’s safety tab forward and turn the nozzle-control clockwise into the “On” position.
  3. Apply your solution. Wet all affected surfaces and let the solution soak for as long as possible. Applying at dusk can provide the longest damp time.
  4. Allow the area to dry. Once the surface has dried, lightly mist with water within 12 hours for reactivation. After 24 hours, if the odor remains, a repeat application may be necessary.


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