How to Clean Tinted Windows
How to Clean Tinted Windows


People often tint their car windows because it gives the car a sleek look, protects the interior from UV damage, and it allows for more privacy. Aside from being aesthetically pleasing, tinted windows are a very practical component of car detailing. Window tint can block 99% of UV radiation, helping to protect both your skin and your car's interior. It helps insulate the inside of your car, saving you money on fuel since you have a reduced need for AC. Lastly, it helps to prevent your windows from shattering in the case of a collision.

Tinting is done by applying a thin film, usually made from a flexible polymer, to your car windows. There are three main types of tint:

  • Dyed window tint film is applied to the inside of the windows using a heat gun and adhesive. This type is the most common and relatively inexpensive but doesn't provide much protection against UV radiation.
  • Metalized window tint film contains tiny particles of metal, usually aluminum, that reflect UV rays, light, and heat. This is usually more expensive and gives the car's windows a sleek, mirrored finish.
  • Ceramic window tint film is coated with a thin layer of ceramic. This allows for superior protection against heat and UV radiation but is also the most expensive tinting option.

Whether you're driving long distances for work or carting the family around for off-roading adventures, your tinted windows will inevitably need cleaning from time to time. This process is not complicated, but it needs to be done correctly to ensure your tint will last as long as possible.

Avoid using ammonia-based window cleaners at all costs, as these can lighten and dry out your tint. You should also steer clear of abrasive scrubbing products, including paper towels, newspapers, and scouring pads.

Simple Green Glass Cleaner is free of harsh ammonia and phosphates, so it restores shine and clarity to windows without damaging them. The ready-to-use formula removes fingerprints, smudges, and other grime, cutting through dirt and oils to reveal a crystal-clear shine.

Directions for Cleaning Tinted Car Windows:

Clean your car in a shady area, if possible. Parking in the sun dries your car too quickly, making it difficult for you to spread water and cleaner around. When cleaning the exterior sides of your windows, do so after you've cleaned the rest of your car. This way, you won't accidentally get dirty water on clean windows.

  1. Apply Simple Green Glass Cleaner. Spray the product onto your microfiber cloth. You'll want to use one microfiber for the cleaner and a separate one for drying. Try not to saturate the edges of your tint with cleaner. If liquid gets underneath your tinting, it could lose its adhesion and peel away from the window.
  2. Wipe the entire window vertically, then wipe the window horizontally. If you see streaks left behind, that usually means your window, or your cloth was extra dirty. Reapply the cleaner if needed, making sure to use a clean cloth.
  3. Repeat. Spray and wipe both sides (interior and exterior) of all windows.


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