How to Clean Concrete Countertops
How to Clean Concrete Countertops


What You Need

  • Non-abrasive cloths or paper towels

Concrete countertops are enormously popular these days, with a wide range of styles and varieties to choose from. To keep your concrete counters looking beautiful, you'll need to clean them regularly with non-abrasive materials.

The most critical step to keeping concrete countertops looking good is to seal them when they're first installed, and reseal them every 1-3 years. However, everyday wear-and-tear slowly wears down the sealant, making material look dull and more vulnerable to stains. Small scratches, spots and stains are notoriously noticeable on these surfaces, and the porous surface can absorb liquids and lead to rapid bacterial growth.

DIY aficionados often praise the “baking soda method” of cleaning bathroom countertop stains - applying a baking soda paste, covering the paste with plastic wrap, and sealing the edges with tape. The downside is that it can be messy, and you'll have to wait up to 48 hours until the paste dries to continue cleaning.

Acidic cleaners such as vinegar can etch or cause holes and divots to form in the concrete surface, leaving them susceptible to further damage. The best way to clean your bathroom countertops and keep them looking brand new for years is to clean them regularly with a non-abrasive cleaning solution. To prevent stains, wipe up spills as soon as you notice them, and use Simple Green Granite & Stone Cleaner to give your counters the look and cleanliness your bathroom deserves.

It's recommended that you clean your countertops daily, and disinfect them twice a week. Simple Green Clean Finish is a great option for this.

Directions for Cleaning Concrete Countertops:

  1. Apply product. Spray Simple Green Granite & Stone Cleaner on the concrete. For heavy grime and grease, let soak for a minute or more.
  2. Scrub, if necessary. Use a sponge or non-abrasive cloth for a thoroughly clean, residue-free surface without scratching your counters.
  3. Wipe & rinse with clean cold water. Thoroughly wipe down the counter with a damp sponge, non-abrasive soft cloth or paper towel to ensure a residue-free surface.
  4. Optional: Dry and polish. For extra shine on your concrete counters, follow your cleaning with Simple Green Granite & Stone Polish. Give the countertops a final wipe-down with a non-abrasive soft cloth or paper towel for a sparkling clean, streak-free surface.

When in doubt about a surface, always spot test a small, non-prominent area first such as the underside of the ledge on your concrete counter.


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