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Fleet maintenance is the practice of keeping commercial vehicles in good operating condition in terms of safety, reliability, and longevity. It involves performing recommended scheduled maintenance, replacing parts or components, and tracking asset history to avoid unexpected breakdowns.

Several industries implement fleet maintenance programs to ensure their vehicles remain in optimal condition. Organizations that use fleet maintenance may include; government institutions, car rental companies, commercial agricultural, private or public transportation fleets, municipal or city buses, moving companies, utilities, delivery services, home maintenance companies, learning institutions, oil/gas or mining companies, just to name a few.


Simple Green's mission is to provide high-quality, safer cleaning products for the fleet maintenance industry that are rigorously tested, perform exceptionally well, and are cost-effective.

We work with fleet maintenance operations of all sizes globally to create custom solutions and products that meet and exceed industry standards by providing safer and more effective alternatives to harsh chemical cleaners. Simple Green can help you maximize your productivity, while minimizing stock management costs, worker risk, and waste disposal costs.

Simple Green will help you understand the true cost of your overall cleaning operation. We'll also demonstrate how by implementing small changes, you can enjoy potential savings that can ultimately lower your overall operating costs.


  • Surface preparation for coating and painting
  • Solvent based cleaner replacement
  • Commercial vehicle and parts detailing and cleaning
  • Maintenance epoxy or coated floor and wall cleaning
  • Maintenance bays and oil change floor cleanup
  • Professional cleanup for detailing
  • Brake cleaner replacement
  • Interior upholstery cleanup, deodorization, and detailing
  • Personal and commercial vehicle wash and wax
  • Refeer cargo unit AC system cleanup and grime removal
  • Dry cargo box cleaning and deodorizing
  • Municipal bus interior cleaning, deodorization, and sanitization
  • Municipal bus bathroom cleaning, deodorization, and sanitization
  • ATV, campers, motorcycles, and other recreational vehicle cleaning and detailing
  • Bulldozers, graders, vibratory road roller, and digger cleanup and regular wash
  • Pickup trucks, plows, harvesters, and tractor cleanup
  • Maintenance, cleanup and sanitization operations after each vehicle use for car rental companies


Simple Green is trusted globally for high quality, environmentally safer cleaning products. Our line of industrial products includes cleaners, degreasers, disinfectants, deodorants, detergents, polishes, and industry-specific specialty items that provide safer alternatives to commonly used chemicals and solvents.

If you have questions about an industrial cleaning application that is not addressed here, please contact us via e-mail or phone at 800-228-0709.