How to Clean a Couch
How to Clean a Couch


The couch is a centerpiece of your home. It's your binge-watching headquarters, the kids' favorite snacking spot, the place Fuzzball and Furball love to rest. And as a result, your couch cushions see more pet hair, body oils & odors, food crumbs, dust and dirt than just about anywhere else in the house.

It's not difficult to deep clean a fabric sofa, no matter how dirty it may be. Whether spot cleaning or using a steam cleaner with an upholstery attachment, your choice of cleaning products is important in order to avoid further staining or degrading the fabric of your couch. For light soils, home remedy cleaning solutions like white vinegar, mild dish soap or baking soda may (or may not) help.

From dirt to dust, pet stains to spilled food, odors and beyond, Simple Green All-Purpose Cleaner can spot-clean spills or even work in an upholstery or carpet cleaning machine to deep clean and remove stains on your fabric sofa. Plus, it's safer for your home & family.

Always check the manufacturer's cleaning instructions before cleaning your sofa. Failing to do so could void the couch warranty, or worse yet, ruin your couch. The cleaning label on your couch should feature one of four letters to indicate its care needs. Here's what each means:

  • W - You can use water to clean this material.
  • S - Do not use water. Only a solvent-based cleaner is recommended.
  • WS - You can use water or a solvent-based cleaner to clean.
  • X - Vacuum only.

(Simple Green is a water-based cleaner and meets the WS definition)

Directions for cleaning a couch

Before cleaning your couch, vacuum your sofa thoroughly to lift any loose dirt, pieces of food or clumps of pet hair. Unzip any removable covers on your couch cushions, and place a microfiber towel between the fabric and the filling to absorb any cleaner or dirty residue that may seep through in the cleaning process. Always spot test fabrics in an inconspicuous area before applying to the whole couch.


  1. Remove any gross soils from surface.
  2. Mix 1 oz. Simple Green All-Purpose Cleaner per 1 cup of water.
  3. Dampen stains with clean water.
  4. Spray solution onto stain.
  5. Allow a few minutes for the solution to penetrate the soil.
  6. Gently rub and blot with clean damp towel or absorbent cloth.
  7. Allow cleaned area to completely dry before use.


  1. Mix 4 oz. Simple Green All-Purpose Cleaner per ½ gallon of water into a pump type sprayer.
  2. Apply solution onto the couch in sections.
  3. Agitate by brushing or scrubbing (a push broom or soft nylon brush work well).
  4. Extract with the carpet cleaning machine with clean water (add a small amount of white vinegar to reduce foaming in the recovery tank).
  5. Allow cleaned area to completely dry.


Do not allow Simple Green solution to dry onto couch or other upholstered surfaces. If residues are allowed to dry onto the surface, use vinegar or a hydrogen peroxide and baking soda solution.

If you aren't sure if Simple Green is compatible with a specific upholstery, vinyl, or other synthetic type of furniture, contact the item's manufacture for confirmation.


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