How to Get Mildew Smell Out of Towels
How to Get Mildew Smell Out of Towels


A load of towels fresh out of the dryer should envelop you in warmth and refreshing laundry smells. But over time, towels can get bogged down with detergent and fabric softener residue. This build-up gets buried into the fabric fibers and essentially "waterproofs" the fabric. If water can't properly saturate your towels during a wash cycle, they won't get clean and will eventually radiate that stale, earthy, mildew smell.

Simple Green All-Purpose Cleaner Lavender Scent is a cleaner, degreaser and deodorizer that will not only remove this troublesome build up, but will also rid towels and clothes of the musty smell and replace it with a clean lavender fragrance.

In addition, mildew in your washing machine can leave the same smell in your towels, even if you dry them immediately after a wash. If that's the case, you can learn how to deep clean your washing machine with Simple Green All-Purpose Cleaner by clicking here (conventional) or here (HE).


  1. Prepare your Simple Green solution. Mix a 1:10 dilution of Simple Green All-Purpose Cleaner with water in a bucket or sink.
  2. Soak. Soak the towels in the cleaning solution for at least two hours.
  3. Wash as usual. Wring the towels out before adding them to your washing machine. Add normal laundry detergent and launder as usual. Make sure you're not using too much detergent. Excess detergent leaves a residue, especially in high-efficiency washers that use less water. Wash in hot water if the towels can handle it without shrinking, as this may lead to even better results.
  4. Dry immediately. Dry towels immediately after the wash cycle is complete. If you have the option, use clothespins to clip them to a line outside, and let the fresh air and sunlight dry them naturally. Sunlight can kill some of the bacteria that create unpleasant odors, which is why line drying leaves them smelling fresh. If line drying isn't an option, dry in your dryer as usual.

TIP: Leave the door of your washing machine open between uses to allow the inside to dry out completely.

Note: Simple Green All-Purpose Cleaner only deodorizes and cleans stains caused by mold/mildew – it does not kill or inhibit mold/mildew growth.


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