How to Clean Shoes
How to Clean Shoes


Shoes can be expensive, so it's likely that you want to keep them looking new for as long as possible. In addition to maintaining their appearance, it's important to take care of them so you can wear them for as long as possible. Dirt, scuffs, stains and grime can make even a fairly new pair look more worn out than they actually are.

Rather than going out of your way to buy an expensive shoe cleaning kit or throwing your shoes in the washing machine to bang around for an hour, Simple Green All-Purpose Cleaner's clean-rinsing, bleach-free formula can dissolve unsightly spots and greasy stains without harming the shoe surface. Simple Green is also a deodorizer, so it can refresh the interior of your shoes while removing stubborn spots and scuffs from the exterior.


If you're unsure about how Simple Green will affect a surface, be sure to spot test before cleaning.*

Exterior Cleaning

  1. Prepare shoes: Before cleaning, remove excess dirt with a soft-bristled brush and remove the laces.
  2. Clean laces: Throw the laces in a delicates bag and add to your next load of laundry. Wash and dry as usual.
  3. Mix: Mix about an ounce of Simple Green All-Purpose Cleaner with a cup of clean water in a spray bottle.
  4. Wet: Wet the soiled area(s) with a cloth dampened with clean, warm water. Wetting the stains or marks first will ensure the Simple Green can better penetrate the surface.
  5. Spray: Spray your Simple Green solution onto the soiled areas and gently wipe or scrub with a sponge, soft cloth or soft brush.
  6. Wet: Wet the affected areas one more time with a new clean, damp cloth.
  7. Repeat Steps 5 and 6 if necessary.
  8. Dry: Allow the shoes to air dry before restringing the laces and wearing them.

Interior Cleaning

  1. Remove insoles: Take the insoles out of your shoes if possible.
  2. Wet: Dampen a clean sponge with water and wipe the entire inside of each shoe and both insoles. Thoroughly rinse the sponge after use.
  3. Clean: Dampen a sponge or cloth with the Simple Green solution from Step 3 above, and wipe the entire inside of each shoe and both insoles.
  4. Wet: Dampen a clean sponge with water and wipe down each area one more time.
  5. Dry: Allow everything to air dry in a well-ventilated area. Replace the insoles only when you're sure the shoes are completely dry.

TIP: To help your shoes dry faster, put clean, absorbent cloths inside them to absorb excess moisture, or use a hair dryer on a cool setting (heat could shrink shoes).

*Do not use Simple Green All-Purpose Cleaner on leather or suede shoes.


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