How to Clean a Bathtub
How to Clean a Bathtub


A long, hot bath? Relaxing. A long, hot bath in a bathtub coated in soap scum, hard water spots, stains, and everyday residue? Gross. Since you use your bathtub to get clean, it makes sense that it should be squeaky clean too, and ignoring a dirty tub only makes it harder to clean.

It's important that you do not clean an acrylic bathtub or a fiberglass bathtub with abrasive cleaners, as these can cause irreversible damage to these types of finishes.

Since bathtubs are awkwardly shaped, they can be kind of a challenge to clean, so let your cleaning product do most of the work. Whether it's a soap scum ring around the tub from bath time or stubborn stains from everyday dirt and oils, Simple Green All-Purpose Cleaner can dissolve soap scum and clean bathtub stains.

To prevent soap scum buildup and stains, it's best to clean out your bathtub every week. Each time you bathe, try to rinse your tub with clean, warm water before wiping off the excess moisture with a squeegee, microfiber cloth or sponge to prevent water spots and mildew from forming.

Directions for Cleaning a Bathtub:

Remove shampoo bottles, shower mats and other items before cleaning the tub. If you're unsure about how Simple Green will affect a surface, be sure to spot test beforehand.

  1. Wet the inside of the tub. Rinse down the surface of the tub using a cup, small bucket, or a detachable shower head. This will help the Simple Green penetrate dirt and grime.
  2. Apply Simple Green. Spray the tub with full strength Simple Green All-Purpose Cleaner.
  3. Scrub. Scrub the entire tub with a nylon scrub brush or non-abrasive scrubbing pad, paying special attention to stained areas. This will agitate and help loosen the dirt and grime.
  4. Rinse. Thoroughly rinse the residue away with warm water.
  5. Dry. Dry thoroughly with a towel or squeegee.

You can also use Simple Green as a preventative solution for a clogged drain. The powerful cleaner can help keep your drain clean, clear and deodorized. A popular, but ineffective, option is cleaning with a cup of baking soda and vinegar. The fizzy reaction makes it seem like the solution is cleaning your drain, but it's only producing water with trace amounts of salt. This is not strong enough to clean out all of the greasy, oily residue from soap, conditioners and other bath products, as well as the makeup, lotion, hair products and more that wash off of you. Plus, neither ingredient is a surfactant, so they will do little to help carry away any loosened oil and grease. Clean your drain at least once a month to prevent soap and lotion buildup.

Cleaning the Bathtub Drain:

Simple Green will not clear a severely clogged bathtub drain or correct hair clogs, but will help prevent grease, soap and lotion buildup.

  1. Apply Simple Green. Remove the stopper and pour 2 cups of full strength Simple Green All-Purpose Cleaner into the drain in the evening.
  2. Let sit. Allow the product to remain in the drain overnight.
  3. Rinse. Rinse for a few minutes with hot water in the morning.


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