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Simple Green® Wash & Wax
Simple Green® Wash & Wax
Simple Green Wash & Wax is custom-blended with real carnauba wax. It is gentle enough for delicate auto surfaces, yet tough enough to cut through tough dirt, grime, and bugs while leaving a polished shine.

This biodegradable formula produces a thick and rich foaming lather that effectively lifts-off road soils during washing - without dulling or stripping away waxed surfaces, and then leaves an added layer of protection. Simple Green Wash & Wax quickly cleans and gives your car a showroom shine in one easy step.

  • Contains real carnauba wax
  • Won't dull or strip waxed surfaces
  • Rinses clean for a brilliant, streak-free finish

Where To Use

Simple Green Wash & Wax cleaner is specially formulated to clean cars, trucks, SUVs, RVs, vans, campers, motor homes, motorcycles, ATVs, trailers and other exterior automotive surfaces. The concentrated formula safely cleans paint, clear coat, glass, acrylic, metal, chrome, rubber, canvas and vinyl.