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Simple Green cares about providing safer cleaning choices, offering a wide variety of cutting-edge cleaning products for both home & industrial use. We're dedicated to producing environmentally-friendly formulas for virtually any cleaning need, and proud of the work we do to meet or exceed all federal health & safety requirements.

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 Proposition 65 — Why does Simple Green have a Prop 65 warning?

Most Simple Green products do NOT contain any amount of Diethanolamine. Our popular All-Purpose Cleaners and most of our Industrial Cleaners and Degreasers to NOT contain Diethanolamine or other chemicals that would require a Prop 65 warning. While none of our products are intentionally formulated with Diethanolamine, a few of our specialty products do use Triethanolamine as a grease-cutting agent. Diethanolamine is a trace contaminant of Triethanolamine, meaning it can be found in very low (or "trace") levels in Triethanolamine. Because of this, we have chosen to include a Prop 65 warning on select products.

Some companies believe that if their product contains less than 0.1% of a Prop 65 chemical, they do not need to put a warning on their product. While our products fall well below that threshold, we do not agree with that policy. Instead we want to ensure as much transparency as possible for our customers.

Even prior to Prop 65 restrictions on Diethanolamine, we have intentionally sourced Triethanolamine containing as little Diethanolamine as possible and strictly limited the amount of Triethanolamine used in our formulas.

Certificates of Analysis for the Triethanolamine used in Simple Green products typically list a level of Diethanolamine around 0.04%. When this small amount is added to all other ingredients, the level of potential Diethanolamine in a product is typically less than 0.004%. Some of those products are concentrates which require users to dilute the product with water, bringing the levels of Diethanolamine down even further.

A Safe Harbor Level is the regulatory level of a chemical a person can be exposed to daily without significant risk of cancer or reproductive harm. The Safe Harbor Level for Diethanolamine has not yet been determined. Simple Green products which contain any amount of Diethanolamine, even so small that it is undetectable in lab tests, will continue to feature a Prop 65 warning on the product label, to ensure our consumers are aware of the ingredients in the products they choose to purchase.